Snowshoeing in Germany

Discover Germany's beautiful winter landscapes on an unforgettable snowshoeing adventure.

There is plenty of outdoor winter fun to be had in Germany, especially in Bavaria, to the south of the country. Snowshoeing, of course, is no exception, and a great way to explore the beautiful snow-covered peaks of the German Alps!

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There are many reasons for choosing Snowshoeing in Germany

Snowshoeing in Germany is a great way to discover the varied landscapes of the country. To the south, in Bavaria, the mountains, forests, and lakes are so beautiful that as you pass through them on your snowshoes they will take your breath away.


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Country code






Best time to visit

For snowshoeing, during the winter months, between December and March


The high altitude locations have a colder mountain climate with sub-zero temperatures. The summers tend to be warm and predominantly moderate

How to get there

Flying into Berlin is one of the easiest routes into the country, though it is located in the northeast. Munich is also home to a large international airport for southern adventures. Trains make access to slightly smaller destinations relatively easy, from Hamburg in the north to Stuttgart, Rosenheim, and Garmisch in the south. Otherwise, driving is also an option

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Don’t miss the chance to go snowshoeing in Germany in the winter. It is a great way to explore some of the beautiful snowscapes of the country, especially in the Allgaü region located to the south in the Prealps and Alps. This area of Germany is known for its glaciers, lakes, mountains and castles, as well as for its delicious Bavarian beer!

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