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Snowshoeing in Japan: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You

Strap on those snowshoes and hit the pristine powder of Japan for an invigorating and rewarding adventure!

From the Japan Alps to the rugged mountains around Niseko, there is a world of snow to discover, and it’s as easy as putting on snowshoes and walking out the front door. The light and dry powder, combined with the generous snowfall and the accessible landscape, make the beautiful geography of Japan an absolute blast to explore on an unforgettable snowshoeing program.

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FAQs: Snowshoeing in Japan

What should I know about Snowshoeing Japan?

Japan is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean comprised of more than 6,850 islands in total, including Hokkaido to the north and Honshu, the main island. The northern and mountainous regions feature some of the best snow quality for winter sport enthusiasts, including dry powder and corn snow for skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. The wide geographic range means a large collection of flora and fauna, which can be found in large quantities on a dedicated snowshoeing tour on Honshu and Hokkaido. Transportation via the high-speed Shinkansen train allows inter-island travel and connects some of the elevated regions where snowshoeing provides breathtaking views. Its mountains receive a healthy snowfall each year, so diverse programs can be enjoyed before and after the peak season.

Why should I choose Japan for my Snowshoeing adventure?

Snow Quality!

Japan is notorious for its light powder and tantalizing corn snow. Lacing up and hitting the territory on clouds of snow just feels right. Thanks to the moisture brought over the Sea of Japan, it dumps heavily in Hokkaido and the Nagano region, making for a ton of great trails to trek across to see the landscape blanketed in white.
Japanese Culture!
Snowshoeing doesn't have to be an intense physical activity, which means you can add other elements to boost your experience. Visiting the charming fishing villages and spas of the Shimamaki District after a long day of snowshoeing on Niseko can turn your trip into the adventure of a lifetime. The enriching aspects of Japanese culture are unique and abundant, so building it into your trip is easy and fun.
Unbelievable Scenery!
A group of islands sitting in the Pacific Ocean may seem cut and dry, but eclectic and stunning landscape of Japan is an evocative place during winter. Its meadows of wildflowers, pure lakes dotting the countryside, high summits and forested valleys all make for a compelling snowshoe tour. Experiencing the changing wilderness as you make your way throughout the island is fascinating, a rare peek into the remarkable geology and geography of this one of a kind nation.

What can I expect from the weather in Japan?

Winters are cold and snowy in Japan. Spring brings warmer temperatures and sunny days. Weather can be volatile at higher altitudes.

Which language is predominantly spoken in Japan?


What currency is accepted in Japan?

Japanese yen (JPY)

How to Get There

Flying into the island of Honshu is best done through Tokyo. From there, the Shinkansen and its associated network of trains can get you to Nagano and the Japanese Alps. Flying into Hokkaido at the New Chitose Airport will serve the greater Sapporo region and beyond. The trains can also reach the north island. All routes are supplemented by an efficient road network once in Japan.

What’s the country code of Japan?


What’s the high season for Snowshoeing in Japan?

Winter is the best season for snowshoeing, with great programs available from December all the way through April.

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