Snowshoeing in Russia

Explore the never-ending expanse of an isolated world of snow on a snowshoeing trip through the pristine powder of Russia!

Discover the cultural urban mystique of Moscow and its surrounding communities, or head into the unknown of Siberia and beyond. Snowshoeing is the perfect winter activity to dive into the fascinating landscape of an epic and iconic country and make the most of a snowy adventure. With deep lakes, serene meadows, jagged peaks, and peaceful valleys, there are a wealth of captivating destinations for a pleasant powder trek into the wilderness of Russia.

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There are many reasons for choosing Snowshoeing in Russia

From the Caucasus Mountains in the southwest to Lake Ladoga and Saint Petersburg in the northwest, there are a ton of western landscapes to peruse by snowshoe. Moving east, the geography changes and the wilderness really opens up. Taking a journey into the heart of this remote wonderland is a satisfying experience that will impact you in a number of ways. Choose an itinerary that fits you best - from lakes, mountains, valleys, meadows, and more - and select from Russia's unending supply of valuable nature for the perfect snowy adventure.


Good to know:

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Russian ruble (RUB)

Best Time to Visit

December through March are prime snow-sure months for a visit, with some programs as early as November and lasting into April


Severe and extreme weather dominates this large country, with hot summers and cold winters. An arctic climate is present in the north and contrasts with the wide spectrum of the continental climate to its south

How to Get There

Flying into Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow is the best way to reach Russia, as it connects directly to most major cities in Asia and Europe (including London, New York, and Tokyo). The Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok also connects with China and Mongolia. Other notable airports include Tolmochevo Airport (Novosibirsk), Irkutsk, Yelizovo Airport (Kamchatka), and Pulkovo Airport (Saint Petersburg)

More info about Snowshoeing in Russia:

Russia is an immense country comprising most of North Asia. For snowshoeing and snow athletes, this translates into an epic swath of undiscovered wilderness to explore. The country is easily the largest on Earth in size, made up of one-eighth of Earth’s land mass, though its population is quite small in relation to its overall size. Snowshoeing expeditions can be enjoyed in close proximity to Moscow, or far away in the most isolated areas of greater Siberia. Kamchatka features mountain peaks descending into the Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk. Cities like Magadan, Yakutsk, and Vladivostok also hold appeal for East Russian snowshoeing

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