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Splitboarding in France

France is a cultural and natural wonder, with its world famous cities giving way to the inspiring Pyrenees and Alps mountain ranges. Splitboarding is a memorable and exciting way to see the best of these renowned mountain ranges!

France is one of the most popular tourist destinations on earth, with millions of visitors each year exploring its cities, towns, villages and countryside to sample its cultural and gastronomical delights. The world-famous Pyrenees Mountains and French Alps tower majestically in the East and Southwest of the country, and nestled within these mountains are some of the most breathtakingly gorgeous and beautiful splitboarding locale’s in Europe, with unbeatable views out over the tranquil French countryside. Take a pick from our selection of splitboarding trips in France, and see why so many people fall in love with this amazing country!

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There are many reasons for choosing Splitboarding in France

France contains two of the most renowned and epic mountain ranges in Europe, the Alps and the Pyrenees. Both of these have gained a reputation as Winter outdoor activity mecca's, with splitboarding one such popular activity to indulge in. Popular spots such as Chamonix and the Jura Mountains have excellent splitboarding conditions, with the gorgeous surrounding scenery and countryside meaning splitboarding in France is a memorable experience.


Good to know:

Country Code






Best time to visit

December-March, when the weather is coldest and the snowfall heaviest

How to get there

Flights to Paris from all major international hubs, with Lyon, Marseille and Nice also well-served. Easy access to most of the country via car, bus or train from the rest of Europe


Weather varies greatly between regions: the northern cities and mountain towns have very cold winters (with heavy snowfalls on the mountains) and warm summers; while the coastal cities by the Mediterranean enjoy mild temperatures almost all year and very hot days during the summer season

More info about Splitboarding in France:

France is quite a large country, with a diversity of cultures, traditions and customs in different areas. The best big cities to arrive and leave from when not splitboarding include Paris, Lyon, Nice, Marseille and Toulouse. Some of the splitboarding can be challenging, so being in good shape and having a decent level of fitness before undertaking splitboarding trip will enhance your enjoyment of the activity. Temperatures can plummet in the mountainous regions, so make you sure you pack and wear appropriate clothing so as not to get caught out

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