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Guided Kebnekaise Ascent in the Summer


Let one of our expert guides help you reach the summit of Sweden's highest mountain, Kebnekaise. Enjoy an unforgettable Arctic adventure.


Scandinavian Mountains

3 Days

Jun - Sep




* Reach the top of Sweden’s tallest peak, Kebnekaise

* Venture beyond the Arctic Circle

* Discover one of the most wild and remote places on Earth


At 2,096 m (6,877 ft), Kebnekaise is Sweden’s highest mountain. This colossal massif is part of the Scandinavian Mountains and an exciting peak to climb during the summer months. On this 3-day tour, one of our guides will take you to the summit via the main route, which involves some glacier hiking and some simple via ferrata to the top.

Kebnekaise is located in the Swedish Lapland, west of Kiruna and north of the Arctic Circle. Climbing this emblematic peak is an amazing chance to reach the top of an impressive mountain and also to explore a wild and remote location.

To reach the summit, we will follow the main route to the top, which is the most scenic and enjoyable. We will take three days between arriving at the hut, climbing Kebnekaise, and returning. The tour starts and ends in Kiruna.

The actual ascent will take place on day 2 of our tour and will be an 8 to 10-hour climbing day involving uphill hiking, crossing a glacier in ropes, and a simple but exposed via ferrata. You can find a detailed itinerary below. Keep in mind that although we will be climbing in the summer, temperatures might vary and drop significantly, especially at the summit. Additionally, we may need to vary the itinerary due to weather conditions.

In order to join this program, you don't need any special mountaineering experience. However, a good fitness level and a sense of adventure are a must. If you are afraid of heights or have any medical issues with your knees, this is not the ideal program for you. Sweden offers many amazing hiking options that might be more suitable. But, if your knees and spirits are up for the challenge, keep in mind that you will be carefully guided every step of the way and provided with the technical equipment required. There will be 1 guide every 6 participants for days 1 and 3 of the climb, and on the day of the ascent, there will be 1 guide every 3 participants in order to ensure your safety.

If you are up for this climbing challenge, just send us a message. It will be a pleasure to guide you to the summit of Kebnekaise! We recommend you book this tour in advance as it is a popular summer adventure in Sweden and hut places run out fast.

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Transport during the trip

- Clean drinkable water

- Mountain guide expenses

- Hot shower

- Rope

- Harness

- Helmet

- Crampons

- Trekking poles

Price details


Bus transfer from Kiruna and back

Guide 1:6 for the first and last days

Guide 2:6 for the summit day

Accommodation in a shared room 2 nights

Glacier and via-ferrata equipment, hiking poles


Food and snacks for the trip

Personal hiking equipment/Clothing

Travel to/from Kiruna


Day 1: Kiruna-Kebnekaise Mountain Station

From Kiruna, a bus will take you to Nikkaluokta. Once there, we will hike around 5 hours to the hut where we will have a safety briefing upon arrival.

Day 2: Kebnekaise Summit

The day begins with an exciting uphill hike as we slowly approach the Kebnekaise summit. We will reach a glacier and after putting on crampons and roping in, we will begin to cross it. Finally, an exhilarating via ferrata will take us to the scenic summit of Sweden's highest mountain. We can celebrate a great achievement when we are back at the hut after the descent.

Duration: 8-10 hours

1400 meters of vertical gain.

Day 3: Return to Kiruna

After breakfast, we will hike back to Nikkaluokta (around 5 hours) and from there, take the bus back to Kiruna.


Equipment you will need to bring

You will need to bring: - Wool underwear, socks - Shell clothing - Thin down jacket - Hat and gloves - Sturdy boots - Sunglasses - Backpack about 40 liters - Thermos and water bottle - Tape/Bandaids for blisters - Snacks. **It is important that you invest in a good pair of hiking boots as we will need to strap on crampons and they need to be solid and sturdy. **


What are some recommended accommodations near our adventure location?

We understand that finding the perfect place to stay is an essential part of your adventure experience. To help you with this, we’ve curated a list of three highly recommended hotels that offer comfort, convenience, and a touch of local charm. These accommodations are well-suited for adventurers looking to relax and rejuvenate after an exciting day of exploration
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Hjalmar Strömerskolan Älvsbyn Sweden
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About the guide

Guide profile image




Mountain Leader

Some say they started with their outdoor adventures at a certain stage in life - I simply never stopped. A childhood spent outdoors led me to the career of guiding. 3 years of education in Vadstena with the Leadership and Outdoor program and another 1½ years to become a Wilderness and Adventure guide at Campus Åre.

Since 2013 I have been self-employed and working as a freelance mountain leader all over Scandinavia and I am happy to call it my home. I have also made sure to invest in further education such as 80 hours first aid training - Wilderness First Responder (NOLS), avalanche course PRO 2 through SVELAV and I carry the National Award for Mountain Leaders to mention a few.

On top of this, I make sure to put my skills to good use as a Chairman of the Swedish Mountain Leader Organisation, a delegate to UIMLA, and as a board member of the Mountain Safety Council of Sweden. I am also helping the Industry Organisation of Sustainable Snowmobile Tourism as an expert member in their task of building a guide training. Previous work also includes training Mountain Leaders and setting up operation guidelines and safety plans for other guiding companies.

My biggest passion is helping others access wild places and showing them the best parts of outdoor adventure. I will be happy to share my knowledge and guide you especially in the Scandinavian Mountain Range which stretches 1700 kilometers on the border between Sweden and Norway.


Norwegian | Swedish | English



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What people are saying about Markus



Amazing ski touring adventure in the Swedish mountains. Can recommend this trip to both beginners and advanced skiers.



Markus was brilliant, from helping me to develop the idea for the expedition, figuring out a good location, route planning etc, while trying to keep the costs down. Prior to the expedition Markus was really helpful in helping me figure out the right equipment - this differed from my previous expeditions due to both temperature being warmer than I was used to, and the terrain we'd be covering. During the expedition Markus was excellent in communicating what were doing, how we were going to do it, all the while teaching me about navigation, his own methods for winter camping etc etc. Throughout our route, Markus explained to me about Sami culture, why the landscape is as it is, and how it has developed throughout history, meaning I returned far richer for the cultural enlightenment. i couldn't recommend Markus to anyone wanting to head out ski touring or deep wild Nordic skiing. I felt safe and in the right hands the whole time, and thoroughly enjoyed his company. The Explore Share platform was very helping in matching us together - the expedition wouldn't have happened with out them, as so few guides are willing or able to take people out into the extreme wilderness in winter in this way. they matched me with the right guide, so that was perfect. What needs to improve is that they wanted cash paid before I spoke to Markus, which I would never do, because of the complexity of the proposed expedition. We both needed to know each others' abilities and make a sensible plan for the trip before we could commit to it. While I appreciate $Explore share is an introductory service, for which they need a fee, finding a better way for this would be helpful. I was always going to honour the payment once the introduction was made, but obviously some people would attempt to get around it. No matter, I remain satisfied with the explore Share service, and recommend anyone to use it.



Markus has been the perfect guide for our father-son trip. Thank you very much! The hole organization with explore-share has been easy, trustful and very transparent. Thank you!



It was an amazing trip, with very kind and professionnal guide Hanna, thank you soo much to help us to realize our dream, Isabelle



Amazing ski touring adventure in the Swedish mountains. Can recommend this trip to both beginners and advanced skiers.

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