1-week Paragliding in the Canary Islands


Bertrand, an IFMGA certified guide, wants to lead you on a week long paragliding adventure on the beautiful Canary Islands of Spain.


7 Days

Jan, Dec




  • Spend 7 days paragliding in the beautiful Canary Islands of Spain.
  • See the incredible Teide volcano from a perspective few ever get to enjoy.
  • Spend a week on the wonderful island of Tenerife.


Over an entire week, I would like to guide through an experience you will never forget. I would like to guide you on a paragliding adventure in the gorgeous Canary Islands of Spain.

Plentiful as they are stunning, the Canary Islands are full of absolutely breathtaking sites. And on this trip, you will have the opportunity to gaze at a number of them, while gliding through the air, toward the sea.

Our trip will be based on the large, famous and gorgeous island of Tenerife. This island has a history that dates back many, many years. It has enthralled famous explorers from around the world, from Humboldt to Darwin, as they made their way from Europe across the ocean to what was then the new world. And during this trip, you will get to see the entirety of the island from approximately 2,200 meters up. For convenience, a driver will take you to the best sites, which will be chosen based on wind conditions.

One of the biggest highlights that you will get to gaze upon from a perspective few get to enjoy is the amazing Teide volcano (3,718m). This peak is not only the highest peak in Tenerife and the entire Canary Islands, but is the highest peak in all of Spain!

Paragliding is a thrilling, invigorating activity. And I would be happy to help you experience it for an entire week. So if you would like to enjoy it, while also spending that week on the beautiful island of Tenerife, just send me a request. I know you’ll have the time of your life.



There are several comfortable accommodation options at Tenerife that I would be happy to recommend to you.

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