2-day rock climbing initiation course in Catalonia

Join Marc on this 2 day rock climbing initiation course. You will learn all the basic rock climbing techniques in a completely safe environment, while you enjoy some of the most beautiful and thrilling rock climbing spots in Catalonia.




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2 days

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6 people

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Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

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    Rock climbing is a unique sport that requires mental concentration and physical strength. Unlike other sports, this one combines different skills, while giving you an adrenaline rush hard to compare. If you are interested in rock climbing, but have no experience, this 2-day initiation course in Catalonia is perfect for you.

    Rock climbing is a strategy game. You must plan and study the routes ahead of you to decide the best move. During our 2 day course, I will teach you how to conquer this game, while you enjoy some of the most beautiful and thrilling settings for rock climbing in Catalonia.

    Upon completion of this rock climbing course, you will be able to climb, by yourself and completely safe, single-pitch routes. A pitch is a section of a route, where we use rope and belay points for protection.

    One of my goals is that by the end of this 2 day initiation course, you can lead and clip the rope properly. Another objective of this course is that you learn how to belay a partner.  Belaying refers to the different techniques used to apply tension on the rope. This is important so that if you lose balance, you can’t fall down.

    During this 2 day initiation course you will learn the following:

    • Proper climbing gear and how to tie knots
    • Top rope and lead belaying
    • Manoeuvres with  anchors, guiding and clipping of ropes
    • Bailing a route
    • How to deal with climbing falls
    • Body position and progression techniques

    Most importantly, I will make sure you learn all the safety tips needed to enjoy yourself, while being completely safe.

    So if you want to learn the basics of rock climbing, send me a request. I will be more than happy to safely guide you on this adventure.

    If you are interested in a different type of trip such as climbing during winter, check out this Winter multi-pitch climbing in Alt Urgell, Catalonia.

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    Price per person

    Group of 1
    400 EUR

    Group of 2
    220 EUR

    Group of 3
    150 EUR

    Group of 4
    110 EUR

    Group of 5
    90 EUR


    Price includes

    • Guiding fee
    • Personal Insurance

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    First time

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    Open to everyone


    About the Guide


    AEGM Rock Climbing Guide

    Ever since I was a kid I have been in contact with nature, and this has been my environment. Family traditions led to my first steps in the hiking world. I discovered wonderful places and learned to enjoy and respect the mountains. Still vivid in my memories are the ascents around Ordesa NP and the Catalan Pyrenees during my childhood.

    At the age of eighteen I took my first steps in rock climbing. I dedicated some years climbing traditional classic routes, with the Montsec range as my school. With the experience gained I widened my horizons and started discovering new walls: Ordesa, Puig Campana, Penyal d'Ifach, Los Mallos de Riglos, Montrebei, Terradets...

    In 2000, I got my Civil Engineer degree. I then spent my holidays climbing. At this point I started exploring the big possibilities France and its walls opened up: Verdon, Vercors, Jonte...

    In 2002 I went on a one-year trip to Australia, but without climbing. After that year I realized rock climbing was my real passion. At then started spending as much time as I had climbing. My climbing trips starting taking me further and further. It was in Switzerland where I discovered my favorite climbing terrain: the amazing limestone walls of Wendenstöcke, Rätikon, Sanetsch... After that, new destinations kept coming: UEA, Jordan, Morocco, Dolomites, Sardinia, Corsica...

    Finally, I decided to become a Climbing Guide and offer all my climbing experience to you.

    My formal training started in 2011, as I became a Climbing Monitor of the High Mountain Catalan Academy (ECAM). Just after that, in 2012, I got my Climbing Sport Technician degree.

    Not satisfied with that, I continued my training to get the highest climbing degree available in Spain. In the spring of 2014 I finished my training and became a Climbing Superior Sport Technician.



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    What People are Saying


    Hoy hemos finalizado el curso de Nivel Inicial con Marc en Montserrat!! De nuevo, ha sido una jornada muy agradable. Marc es un profesional en la materia, nos ha hecho pasar un día de escalada estupendo y quedarnos con ganas de repetir! Sin duda, recomendado 100%!
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    Helena Repe
    I had the best experience of my entire holiday with Marc. I never climbed before and with him coaching in safety and technique I managed to advance ALOT in my 2 day course. He does that little extra to make the experience truly unique. I would recommend this to anyone who who is up for a great challenge and adventure, in spectacular environments, with a fantastic guide/coach/teacher. Thank you Marc.
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    Daniel nordström

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