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7-day Haute Route ski touring traverse from Chamonix to Zermatt


Join Daniel, an IFMGA-certified mountain guide, for an unforgettable adventure on this classic 7-day Haute Route ski tour from Chamonix to Zermatt.

Private and Group


7 Days





  • Enjoy stunning views along the entire route.
  • Stay in cosy and classic moutnain huts.
  • Ascend Pigne d’Arolla and enjoy a great descent at the end.


Come and join me for the world’s most classic ski touring traverse: the venerated Haute Route!

Over the course of 7 days, we will make our way across glaciers, over mountain summits and down into alpine valleys.

From start to finish, from the shadow of Mont Blanc to that of the Matterhorn, we will enjoy simply sublime views, some of the best skiing on earth and make our way to the top of a mountain or two along the way.

Each night, we will stay in a cosy and classic mountain hut, enjoying fine food and wine as a reward for a long day of skiing, skinning and climbing in crampons.

Along the way, we will cross numerous glaciers from the famed Argentiere in France to the Col Superieur du Tour, along the Swiss border, and the Glacier Brenay. Each is as spectacular as the last and makes for some intense skiing.

Depending on you and the weather, we can take either the Verbier or Valsorey Variation. The former is the most commonly done variation of the two, while the latter is the original trail and requires more mountaineering.

Either way, there are nearly endless stunning views and amazing skiing along both. Regardless of the route that is taken, we will also summit Pigne d’Arolla (3.800 m) at the end, before finishing off our trip the following day.

So what are you waiting for? Book now for an amazing 7-day Haute Route ski touring adventure as we head from Argentiere to Zermatt!

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Mountain guide expenses

Price details

The price does not include the guide´s expenses (accommodation, meals, lift tickets, etc).

Please note a minimum of two people is required for this trip.


Day 1: Arrival

Travel to Argentiere in the Chamonix Valley (1.30 hrs driving time, Argentiere is about 10 min up-valley from Chamonix, Airport pick-up in Geneva optional). Lodging in our Hotel in Argentiere.

Day 2: Argentiere to Argentiere Hut (2.770 m)

Meeting with the guide(s), trip briefing, equipment check.

Gondola to the Grand Montet (3.300 m) and avalanche transceiver exercise, descent to the Argentiere Glacier (about 2.700 m) and traverse across the glacier to the Argentiere hut (2.770 m). 170m climb, 650m descent, 4 km, 2.5 hrs.

In the afternoon instruction on crampon use and kick turn refresher on the slopes around the hut.

Day 3: Argentiere Hut to Champex (1.480 m)

Early morning departure. Short run down the Argentiere Glacier, then up the Col de Passon (3.028 m), toward the top crampons are often required. Short descent underneath the Aiguille du Chardonnet north face and we skin across the Tour Glacier and up to the Col Superieur du Tour (3.289 m), which marks the border to Switzerland.

A long descent across the Trient glacier, followed by a short climb to the Col des Ecandies (2.796 m) opens up a magnificent run into Val d’Arpette, and the quaint village of Champex (1.480 m).

Lodging in a nice hotel in town. Climb 1.020 m, descent: 2.345 m.

Day 4: Champex to Prafleuri Hut (2.662 m) or Valsorey Hut (3.037 m)

Verbier Variation: Taxi ride to Verbier (1 hr). Gondola ride and descent in the Verbier Ski resort. Climb to the Col de la Chaux (2.940 m), short descent and another climb to Col de Momin (3.003 m). Optional ski ascent of the Rosablanche (3.336 m) and beautiful ski run to the Prafleuri hut (2.662 m) – showers available. Climb: 900 m, descent: 900 m, not counting the descent in the Verbier resort.

In stable conditions a strong group could also skip the Prafleurie Hut and descend and traverse directly in a long day to the Dix Hut (see day 6).

Valsorey Variation: Taxi ride to Bourg St. Pierre (45 min) and ascent through the beautiful and quaint Valsorey to the relatively small Valsorey Hut (3.037 m), 1.400m climb, 8 km, 7 hrs. Later in spring you might have to carry your skis for the first hour or two.

Day 5: Prafleuri Hut to Dix Hut (2.990 m) or Valsorey Hut to Chanrion Hut (2.460 m)

Verbier Variation: Short climb to the Col du Roux, short descent and then follows a long level traverse above the Dix Lake. After about 2.5 hrs, we climb up to the Pas du Chat and on to the Dix Hut (2.990 m), probably the nicest of all huts along the Haute Route in spectacular setting. 800 m climb, 350 m descent, 9 km, 5 hrs.

In the afternoon, optional ascent of La Luette, an easy ski touring peak with good views above the hut with a light pack.

Valsorey Variation: Steep climb (usually crampons necessary while carrying the skis on your back) to the Plateau du Couloir (3.664 m) and magnificent descent on the Durrand Glacier towards the Lac de Mauvoisin and back up to the Refuge Chanrion (2.460 m). 940 m climb, 1.510 m descent, 12km, 7 hrs.

Important: This is one of the crux days on the classic itinerary in remote terrain and requires both good weather and good snowpack stability. The Chanrion hut is very remote and hard to reach from the valley – that means there is no easy way out, should the weather deteriorate and preclude the group from continuing the Haute Route.

Day 6: Dix Hut or Chanrion Hut to Vignette Hut (3.185 m)

Both Variations meet at the summit of the Pigne d’Arolla.

Verbier Variation: Spectacular climb through the rugged glacier to the Pigne D’Arolla 3800m and descent to the Vignette Hut (3.157 m), 900 m climb, 640 m decent, 7km, 6 hrs.

Valsorey Variation: Summit day! Via the Glacier Brenay to the summit of the Pigne d’Arolla (3.800 m) with great views of the entire traverse. Descent to the Vignette Hut (3.185 m). 1.330 m climb, 640 m descent, 10km, 7 hrs.

Day 7: Vignette Hut to Zermatt

Today waits the famous Three-Col-Traverse with Matterhorn view, probably the best day of the whole trip! Via Col de l’Eveque (3.392 m), Col de Mont Brulee (3.213 m) and Col de Valpelline (3.568 m) and a long, glaciated descent underneath the impressive North Face of the Matterhorn all the way into Zermatt, where we lodge in a 2 star Hotel. 1.120 m climb, 2.670m decent, 25km, 8 hrs.




Mountain huts (not included in the price of the trip)

Meeting point

Argentiere, France

About the guide

Born in the Austrian Alps, the connection to the mountains was there from early on. Started skiing as a 3 year old kid, bit later climbing and mountaineering stepped in my live. Skiing and climbing all over the Alps and abroad became a huge part of my life.

One of my favorite places in the Alps are the mountains around Chamonix and Zermatt. Since graduating as a fully-certified Mountain guide, I’ve been able to share my passion for skiing and climbing with my guests. When I’m not guiding I try to push my personal limits in climbing and mountaineering. Looking forward reaching summits together.


German | French | English



What people are saying about Daniel Toferer

Kirt Williams


August, 2022

If you're climbing the Matterhorn you need to go with a local guide who has climbed it many times and therefore knows the correct route. On our climb we encountered a lot of people off of the main route, which takes longer, is more dangerous, results in rocks being knocked down, and even getting stuck on the mountain without shelter for the night (as four climbers had the previous night). Daniel has climbed the Matterhorn over a hundred times and did nine days in a row in 2022. He was able to tell me to go straight, right or left and where footholds were. He is a very strong climber and I felt that he would probably catch me on the short rope if I slipped. It turned out that I was not in as good shape as I needed to be, so I climbed more slowly than ideal, for which I got a verbal flogging (hence minus one star). I made it to the Solvay hut in about 2:30 before we turned around. Notes: (1) You need to book two days with Daniel earlier in the week for a test climb to see how you do rock climbing and with crampons. All of the larger guide services do this. (2) You pay for your ticket and his for the tram, as well as for the rooms in the Hornli hut. (3) You might be able to borrow an ice ax and other gear. Check when you book, then confirm a few days before. You can rent gear at Yosemite and other shops in Zermatt.

Colin Finnegan


August, 2022

Very easy, setting up the trip and talking with the guide was easy.

Ariane Saint Leger


August, 2022

Excellent trip, Daniel was a great guide and positively challenged us. He made us feel safe. Would love to book another trip with him!

Tim Graves


July, 2022

Agree with prior review that pretrip communication could improve, but otherwise, superb guide and person

Marius Ciuzelis


July, 2022

All was good, Daniel was exceptional: friendly, attentive, professional. I was surprised I had to additionally pay for the hut as I bought all inclusive package and it was no where mentioned about additional costs.

Manuela Young


July, 2022

Pre-hike communication could have been clearer - we weren't exactly clear about who was bringing certain items, or what the recommended gear we needed. In the end, it worked out fine, and the climb was great! Daniel is a very knowledgeable guide.

Jens Linge


August, 2021

We did the traverse of Grand Combin from Cabane de Valsorey over Valsorey, Grafeneire and Tsessette, arriving at lac Mauvoisin via Arête de Boussine. Daniel is an excellent guide and great company. It was a long tour, and Daniel made sure that it was always safe and enjoyable finding the best way up on Arête du Meitin in the dark.

Michel de Rooij


August, 2021

Fantastic guide. Had a great time with my first real mountaineering experience, learnt a lot during the process and always felt safe.I highly recommend him and I am looking forward for the next trips.

Joshua Kippenberger


July, 2021

Daniel was a pleasure to climb with! I look forward to coming back out to the Alps and will definitely use him again. Highly recommend!

Laura Booth


August, 2020

Great trip! We enjoyed every minute - Daniel was great as a guide and quickly and safely gets you past the trickier sections so as to maximise the fun and enjoyment. We felt safe and confident with him at all times and wouldn't hesitate to book another tour!

Wout Weuring


August, 2020

We planned a trip to the grossglockner early August this year with Daniel. On arrival in Austria the weather turned bad with nearly 24/7 rain and thunder in between so we wouldn't reach the peak. The guide proposed to go sportclimbing indoors, or go a week later, communication was fast and clear. We didn't have a week so decided to cancel the trip, for which Daniel offered a partial refund. Have a look at Daniel's website for detailed information on gear, route and requirements. Once back in our home country we couldn't get in touch anymore, but Explore-Share took over communication and solved remaining issues. Hope to finish this ascent sometime in the future with better weather conditions, and good luck to Daniel!

Bart Meeus


August, 2020

Daniel was an excellent guide. Great experience!

Ricardo Kaljouw


July, 2020

This weekend i went with Daniel to the Grossglockner via the normal route and the experience was perfect. Everything was arranged and felt safe the whole trip. i would reccomend Daniel to everyone who wants to climb some mountains in the alps. In the future i will again make use of his services if i decide to climb in the alps once more.

Marcelo Simonsen


September, 2019

very good guide, wonderful experience

Tom McAuslan


August, 2019

Daniel made our two day guided ascent to the summit of Großglockner an incredible and unforgettable experience. Daniel provided us with quality gear and kept us well informed throughout the whole expedition in terms of the route, weather conditions and safety precautions. Daniel’s communication skills were fantastic and he spoke perfect English. We were very thankful that Daniel gave us a second attempt at the summit after having to turn back on our first attempt due to bad weather (Daniel’s judgement of the conditions was great and we had full confidence in his decision to turn back to ensure safety). The summit was absolutely amazing and we had a lot of fun and good laughs with Daniel. We hope we can book Daniel for another trip soon, Danke!!



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