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The Altar is an Ecuadorian volcano with several rock and ice peaks. They form a mountain circle around an old caldera cone. Its right and left edges are part of the Collanes valley which is one of the most beautiful places of the Andes.

During this 3-day Altar trek, you will enter into that valley, crossing rivers and admiring a really beautiful landscape on the way. Then, we’ll continue hiking up and find the famous Yellow Lagoon, which lies inside the crater of the volcano. And if we keep walking along the shore of the lake you will see the most stunning snow-capped peaks of the Ecuadorian Andes, with glaciers hanging from the bowels of the mountains.

By the end of this trek we will return to the base camp where we will spend the night surrounded by this amazing and unforgettable scenery.

Please keep in mind it is a 3-day adventure. However, I can extend the program and offer you a tour of 5,6 o 7 days. Just ask me to organize your adventure according to your wishes. I can also offer you this hiking trip in the Sangay National Park, which will take 8 days.


  • Suitcase or small backpack to give it to the mules that will carry the luggage (put everything in plastic cover to protect it from the water);
  • Thermal underwear;
  • 1 pair of comfortable shoes for camp nights;
  • Deep dish, cup and spoon;
  • Grooming kit: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and towel;
  • Plastic bags;
  • Comfortable backpack to carry hand luggage;
  • Comfortable and thermal clothing for the walk;
  • Rubber boots;
  • Waterproof jacket;
  • Hat and thermal gloves;
  • Cap, sunscreen and sunglasses;
  • Flashlight with extra batteries;
  • Bottle of water (recommended 1 ½ lt);
  • Photo camera;
  • Trekking poles (optional).

I will be here waiting for your message so we can discuss and plan your next adventure through the Altar Trek. It will be a really nice experience!!!


Day 1

Quito - Hacienda Releche

Departure from Quito through the Pan Americana highway crossing the cities of Macachi and Latacunga cities. Following the route we will pass through the city of Ambato, where there is the famous colossus and active Tungurahua Volcano. The journey continues towards the high valley of Urbina where you can see the mountains of Carihuairazo or the Chimborazo. Finally we will be near the city of Riobamba from where we’ll move towards the Hacienda Releche, located in one of the entrances of the Sangay National Park in the province of Chimborazo. From this place we’ll start the walk for 6 hours. The mules or horses will carry the heavy luggage so we can reach the huts located on one side of Collanes Valley.

Day 2

El Altar Volcano

After breakfast we will start the hike to the caldera Altar. You will have the opportunity to explore, discover and enjoy the breathtaking view of its steep peaks, edges and valleys. Nature is in all its splendor, specially once we are in the Yellow Lagoon, whose feet are born in the massif of the Altar. If the weather helps we may see the Chimborazo and walk an hour to reach the slopes of Fraile. The round trip will take 5-6 hours. In the afternoon, we will return to the same cabins of the first night.

Day 3

Collanes Valley - Quito

Before returning, we will have a last tour in the Collanes Valley to enjoy this beautiful place. Then, we will start walking down along the same route in direction to the Hacienda Releche. After 4-5 hours we will have lunch and drive back to Quito.

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