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Hiking in Ecuador

Find out what makes the equator such a remarkable place and hike through the highs and lows of the Andes!

With the Galapagos Islands just off the coast and the high-profile Andean volcanoes as a main attraction, it is impossible to imagine a better wilderness to discover. The megadiversity of the flora and fauna make Ecuador a must-see destination for every trekker.

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There are many reasons for choosing Hiking in Ecuador

It would be difficult to argue about the world-class stature of Ecuador’s volcanoes. Seven of its peaks exceed 5,180 meters - one of them the furthest point on Earth’s surface away from its center - and the associated parks and refuges make it a geological gem you have to experience.


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Best time to visit

The best season to explore Ecuador is from October through March, though there are programs offered year round depending on the trip. Be aware of the dry and wet seasons as volatile weather can get in the way of a productive trip

What’s the weather like?

The elevation of Ecuador greatly influences its climate. The dry season lasts from June to September, while the wet season takes place from October to May. The equatorial location makes the temperature typically warm, with hot and rainy months along the coast from January to April

How long should I stay?

Ecuador is loaded with compelling flora, fauna, and geology, so multiple lifetimes may not be enough time to explore it all. Depending on your adventure, you can spend months in the Avenue of the Volcanoes, ship out to the Galapagos Islands, or just hike around the coastal provinces. Either way, you can feasibly spend a season or two dedicated to the discovery of the amazing worlds within Ecuador

More info about Hiking in Ecuador:

Ecuador was designed for epic treks and hikes. Weather can be particularly volatile for high-altitude adventures, so planning a few extra days to accommodate possible disruptions to a program is a good idea. Some national parks and refuges require fees and/or permits, so plan accordingly when preparing for a trip. Acclimatization is also a crucial part of hiking in Ecuador. The Inca Trail is an added bonus for any history buffs interested in pre-Columbian culture in South America


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