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At Explore-Share we are on a journey to show the world that outdoor activities enrich people’s lives and that great guides make them truly unique. We know that a day spent out in nature – whether climbing, skiing, kayaking or hiking – is a day well-spent. And we want to make every day count.

With over 11,000 trips listings in 70+ countries, we are, hands down, the largest adventure-booking platform in the world and we work super hard every day to become the undisputed leaders in the guided adventure market.



Our community of 1,700+ experienced guides will ensure the safest experience possible but also that you go home with a big smile on your face. It is a fact: adventuring makes people happy.

By hiring a local guide you will not just be doing what you love and living a memorable experience; you will also be supporting local economies and allowing great guides to make a living out of their passion. Unlike traditional travel agencies, close to 85% of the money you spend on Explore-Share will go to local guides and agencies.

We are a young Belgian startup and our team is based all over the world, from Argentina to the US and from Belgium to the UK. Wherever you want to travel and whatever you want to do, we’ve got a unique experience waiting for you.

Let the adventure begin!


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