Why hire a mountain guide?

Why hire a guide?

A trip to the mountains always entails a certain degree of risk. Whether you are climbing a peak in the Andes or ski touring in the Alps, rapidly-changing weather and terrain conditions make mountain adventures somewhat dangerous endeavours.

Mountain guides and leaders are experts trained to limit this risk. Their very demanding training is primarily focused on providing a safe experience for their clients. Their extensive experience in mountain environments allows them to make the right decisions in even the most difficult situations.

When you hire a mountain guide or leader, you are not just hiring someone to show you the way: they will also tell you about the area’s geology, flora and fauna and are experts when it comes to mountains and their history. With them, a mountain trip becomes a global experience!

But a mountain guide can provide a lot more than their expertise: they will also make a great difference from a human point of view. Their fantastic stories of epic adventures will definitely enrich your experience and will probably also inspire new goals. If you have already met a mountain guide, you know what we are talking about!

They will also help you organize the logistics of your trip (bookings, transportations, mountain huts, meals, gear, etc.) and because they probably know the area quite well, they will introduce you to the local people and help you discover their culture.

Only certified mountain guides and leaders promote their trips on Explore-Share.com. To be featured on our website, guides must be either IFMGA-certified or hold a reputed national certificate.

We want your experience to be unique in every possible way and take the selection process very seriously. However, we encourage you to ask your guide all the necessary questions to ensure that they are qualified enough to guide you and that you have got the necessary skills and fitness level for the trip you are planning together.

Contact our guides directly from our site and let the adventure begin!


Which mountain guides and leaders to hire?

We highly recommend you hire IFMGA/UIAGM/IVBV mountain guides or holders of national certifications approved by IFMGA. For the complete list of certifications accepted by IFMGA, click here. Alternatively, if you are looking to book a mountain leader, we recommend searching for UIMLA-certified professionals.

The IFMGA is the international mountain guides’ association. It represents all the national mountain guides associations which are qualified and apply IFMGA guidelines.

The UIMLA is the international association of mountain leaders. This qualification allows the holder lead groups in different mountains all over the world, where the skills of alpinism are not required. IMLs cannot provide tours on glaciers and permanent snow or where the planned use of a rope is necessary. However IMLs can work with groups on high altitude treks as well as lead groups on snowshoes.