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Hiking is a fantastic way to experience nature on your feet, discovering people, culture and beautiful landscapes. Programs can range between half-a-day excursions to over 20-day adventures. Joining a hiking trip with a certified mountain guide is essential to a safe and interesting experience. Along with their knowledge of the trails and paths, guides can help you plan a balanced program according to your needs and fitness level. Find your next hiking destination and set out on a trip!

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There are many reasons for choosing Hiking

There is no better therapy than spending a few hours or days in close contact with nature. You’ll leave feeling re-energized and less stressed.


More info about Hiking:

Hiking involves walking on trails or paths, generally across long distances. Although it does require a good fitness level, people of moderate fitness can generally practice hiking safely. From short, easy hikes of a few hours to long immersive treks of 20+ days, there is something for everyone. Take into account that “hiking” and “trekking” are sometimes used indistinctly. The term “backpacking” is also quite popular in the US to refer to multi-day trips


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