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Horseback Riding in the Vashlovani Semidesert, Georgia


Join certified local guide, Tinatin, on an unforgettable 6-day Georgia horseback riding program and discover the country's stunning semidesert in the Vashlovani National Park. Cross hilly landscapes, ride alongside the Alazani River, and catch sight of elephant fossils on a unique outdoor adventure!


6 Days

Mar - May, Oct, Nov


All levels


* Discover the semidesert region in Georgia with a local guide.

* Explore unexpected and different eco-systems and landscapes.

* Enjoy speedy riding in semidesert open spaces.

* Join an exciting outdoor adventure program open to all levels.


Would you like to discover Georgia’s stunning landscapes on a unique horseback riding adventure? Then join me on this 6-day program in the Vashlovani National Park!

The Georgia semidesert lies in the Vashlovani National Park and is home to a wide range of amazing sites. Furthermore, there is plenty of space for trotting and galloping in this breathtaking Georgian spot that I will share with you on this 6-day adventure.

We will set off from Tbilisi and transfer to Dedoplistskaro, from where we will head to the Vashlovani National Park. This stunning nature reserve boasts breathtaking canyons, shallow forests, the amazing Alazani flood plains, and gorgeous wildlife including foxes, jungle cats, bears, and more. Plus, it is also home to elephant fossils, which we will get to see on the last day of our adventure. You can find a detailed itinerary below.

Every day we will ride between 20 and 60km and spend the night in tents, campfire included. Although we will be long days on horseback, this is not a difficult riding program. Therefore, you are welcome to join regardless of your level, although you will need to be physically fit. Of course, I will be there to help and guide you, and to show you my favorite spots!

So, are you ready to experience a unique Georgia horseback riding adventure? Then join me on this exciting 6-day program in the semi-desert of Vashlovani National Park!

Or, if you prefer, you can explore beautiful vineyards on this 8-day riding program in the Kakheti region!

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Transport during the trip

- Luggage transfer

Price details

Price listed is for groups of minimum 3 people.

Tour price includes:

All car transfers from Tbilisi to Tbilisi

A car for luggage during the tour

Horses, saddles and horse keepers

Tents and sleeping mats (not inflatable)

All overnights in tents

Tour price excludes:

Riders’ equipment (helmets, chaps, vest, etc.)

Alcoholic beverages.

Meals during the tour.

English speaker guide/instructor

Note: organizing accommodations in homestays and bungalows, to organize the full board and English speaker guide/instructor is available on request.


Day 1: Tbilisi - Kasristskali

We will start our adventure with a pick up from the hotel in Tbilisi and transfer to Dedoplistskaro. Then, we will register at the Visitors’ Centre of Vashlovani Protected Areas. After lunch, we will visit a local bazaar and transfer to Vashlovani National Park. We will enjoy an introductory ride for about 2-3 hours and spend the night in tents.

• Total riding distance – 12km
• Total riding time – 2 hours
• Difficulty – easy

Day 2: Kasristskali – Shavi Mta

We will start the day by choosing our horses and adjusting our equipment. On our ride, we will head to Shavi Mta. We will cross hilly landscapes through the wheat fields until we reach the highest point in Vashlovani – Shavi Mta.

Overnight in tents
• Total distance – 32km
• Total riding time – 6 hours
• Difficulty – easy

Day 3: Shavi Mta – Mijnis Kure

All-day long, we’ll ride down alongside the river Alazani to Takhistskali and Mijniskure. We will spend the night in Mijnisyure in tents.

• Total distance – 54km
• Total riding time – 8 hours
• Difficulty – easy

Day 4: Mijnis Kure – Bugha Moedani

On day 4, we will enjoy a 6-hour ride from Mijniskure to Lekistskali and Bughamoedani Plain. Overnight in tents near the rangers’ station in Bughamoedani.

• Total distance – 38km
• Total riding time – 6 hours
• Difficulty – easy

Day 5: Bugha Moedani - Vashlovana

After breakfast at 8 a.m., we will enjoy a 4-hour ride to Pantishara. We will have lunch there and then go for a short walk in Bear Canyon to see elephant fossils. Then we will continue up to Vashlovani State Reserve. Overnight in tents.

• Total distance – 58km
• Total riding time – 8 hours
• Difficulty – eas

Day 6: Vashlovana – Dedoplistskaro - Tbilisi

On the last day of our adventure, we will ride back to Kasristskali village and transfer to Tbilisi.

• Total distance – 28km
• Total riding time – 6 hours
• Difficulty – easy


About the guide

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Hiking Guide

Hiking and horseback riding guide.

I'm Georgian, native Tushetian. As a girl, I lived in the main wine region of Georgia – Kakheti, spent every summer in Tusheti – outstanding and authentic mountain region for its location, ethno-culture and nature. In 2014 I became certified sightseeing guide and started guiding all over Georgia. The more I travelled and learnt about Georgia’s rich cultural landscape, the more I grew to love my home country.

In 2017 I got certifications in trekking and in 2019 in horseback riding guiding. My main purpose is to use my experience in adventure tourism and offer unpopular, least crowded and still least popular activities such as agro tours, equestrian trekking and many others. My passion is to share the many undiscovered and unspoiled regions that make Georgia so special, adventurous and worth to discover.


Georgian | English



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What people are saying about Tinatin


I highly recommend Tina as a guide for a horseriding trip. She always takes care of all of the team and let everyone enjoy the adventure independently of how advanced is in horse ride.


We had a great experience: well organized and combined trekking, gastro and wine activities - learned quite a lot in just 7 days. Tina was an exceptional guide.


Tinatin is nice and open minded person. Tour with her was safety and adapted to individual skills of each participant of the trip. Of course integration after all day cannot be forgotten :) This trip was one of the best experiences in my life.


We had an amazing week with Tinatin, her team, and a huge herd of horses to drive to Vashlovani NP. Detail-focused and very well-organized trip. It was a really unforgettable adventure.


Tina is a very well organised person, she is very professional and helpful and friendly. My trip with Tina was interesting and most of the impressions. I recommend Tina as an organizer and travel companion.

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