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Mallorca, Spain, Guided Rock Climbing Trip

Mallorca, Spain, Guided Rock Climbing Trip
Mallorca, Spain, Guided Rock Climbing Trip
Mallorca, Spain, Guided Rock Climbing Trip
Mallorca, Spain, Guided Rock Climbing Trip

Together with Miguel, an AEGM certified mountain guide, enjoy some fantastic rock climbing on the beautiful walls of Mallorca, Spain. Open to people of all rock climbing levels.

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The island of Mallorca off the coast of Spain is a fantastic place to go for any reason. The beaches are gorgeous, and the scenery is spell binding. However, one of the best highlights of the island, and what has made it very popular with climbers from the around the world, is the fantastic rock climbing. The possibilities of where you can climb on the island are seemingly endless. And because of the enormous selection, there are walls for people of every climbing level. Hence making the island a paradise for anybody who enjoys great rock climbing.

Below are just a few examples of the exceptional walls and routes you can choose from in Mallorca.

  • Torrrent de Pareis

  • Castell d’Alaro

  • Escorca

  • Sa Gubia

  • Puig Major

  • Pollenca

Each one of those walls provides it’s own unique and thrilling experience, as they are all very different in shape and size. These walls, along with several others, range in height from 70 metres to 400 metres! And of course, the higher you go, the more incredible the views of the island and the beautiful water of the sea become.

Furthermore, each one of the walls has varying spots to climb. Hence giving a different experience depending on which part of the wall you climb. For example, on the Puig Major, there is the Socuellamos (250m), the Common (250m) and the Agulla del Frare (100m).

If you are looking for single or multi-pitch routes, there is something for you in Mallorca. If you are looking for full day or half day trips, there are great choices for you. Also, we offer trips for open groups or with private guides. We even offer deep water soloing tours from land, kayak or speedboat as well.

So if you want to enjoy some great rock climbing in Mallorca, send me a request. There is an abundance of great options waiting for you.

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- Guiding fee



There are several different and comfortable accommodation options in Mallorca I would be happy to recommend you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the graduation of the climbing routes on this itinerary?

How can I get to the meeting point?

Will you provide the equipment or will I need my own? Can I rent it? What is the approximate cost of renting the equipment?

Are there any other special requirements, such as permits/insurance/vaccinations, that we should be aware of before travelling?

What kind of previous experience and training do I need?

What is the best time of year for this rock climbing tour?

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What people are saying about this trip

Evan Young


August, 2023

I've already told anyone who will listen about this trip, as it was a highlight of my 25+ days of travel. The entire experience, from booking and preparation, to enjoying the day itself was excellent. There was clear, quick communication beforehand to ensure everything was sorted out on the day of climbing. Miquel was extremely knowledgable and personable, answering questions regarding the DWS we did as well as about local fauna, sea conditions, etc. He as also flexible and tailored the experience to our skill level throughout the day. I could not recommend this experience enough.

Dominic DeMichina


August, 2023

This was one of the best climbing days I've ever had. Deep water soloing in Mallorca is epic in and of itself, but with the right guide you can make sure you are safe and climbing hard and varied routes. Pau and I got a boat and went to multiple sites and climbed all day. The variations of different types of climbs and different heights were perfect. Pau made sure we were safe and even took me to an amazing hidden underground cave you can boulder in above glowing blue water. Simply phenomenal. Get a boat and get Pau and you will have the time of your life.

Nick Bayley


July, 2023

We had a fantastic time with Miquel - a highlight moment of an amazing holiday. My teenaged daughters are keen indoor boulder climbers and this was their first outdoor rock experience. The water was calm and azure blue; Miquel was a charming guide, matching the climbing grade perfectly through the day for a combination of adventure, excitement and technique. He was great at coaching them through the tricky moves. At all times we felt safe and in control, whilst enjoying pushing ourselves a little. A perfect intro to DWS. My wife joined us on the boat as tour photographer and enjoyed the day also. The trip included a couple of rest moments between climbs where we saw dramatic rock formations, goats climbing vertical cliffs searching for spring water and a swim into an incredible hidden cave. I cannot recommend this trip more highly, we are already planning our next visit.

Corey Klaasmeyer


June, 2023

My son and I had an amazing experience sport climbing and deep water soloing with Alex and Miguel. Four thumbs up. 👍👍👍👍

Florian Weigl


June, 2023

We booked a psibloc / deep water solo tour which was amazing. Most of our bouldering experience was indoors and came to the island to try out dws. It was amazing. Blue water, calm sea. The boat trip to all the routes was amazing by itself. Miguel and Pau were very professional. We felt very save from cliffs (and the occasional jellyfish). Communication prior and during were great. Routes amazing. Would highly recommend it.

Michal Dlugosz


May, 2023

Amazing multipitch climbing day with Miquel. He was responsive when planning the day and discussing the route, flexible to my climbing level and at all times ensured safety. Fully recommend!

jeffrey eskra


April, 2023

excellent would easily recommend to anyone

Nabil Kahouadji


May, 2022

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Lena Wilderäng


October, 2019

The trip itself was an exciting outing, but it was definitely not according to expectations. To start with, the detailed description we got in a document sent to us was not corresponding to the actual trip. It would be better to have correct idea about what's going to happen so the group knows what to look forward to (only DWS and jumping into water from high heights, or the combination of activities like snorkelling and paddling to Punta Galera). It would also be much better to listen to the group's wishes, for instance if someone does not want to jump into the water from the cliffs then she should not be pressed by the guide to do it, it created a lot of discomfort for a person who was already stressed. Safety is another issue - the safe way to approach cliffs from breaking water should definitely be instructed beforehand, because without the timely instructions several of the members got scratches and bruises, and one was feeling very bad. We communicated clearly beforehand that we wanted to try the activity in a safe way, but there was fear and discomfort experienced by some participants. A suggestion would be a direct contact and questions from the actual guide to the group, in good time before meeting up, so expectations and conditions can be figured out - without pressure. Also, there should be clear info about the fact that the trip date can be moved because of waves/weather or other bookings. We got a rebooking 2 times after booking this on short notice, and had to agree to that because we had already paid. To be clear - we have no doubt about the guide's ability to do the actual activity, but it's rather the responsiveness and handling of different needs that was the issue for this group.

veronica verplancken


June, 2019


Mark Miedema


June, 2019

Super climb

Callum Weeks


June, 2019

I climbed for three days with Mon d'Aventura - climbing with Juan and Javi. Everything was well organized, the guides were excellent and focused on finding good quality climbing and ensuring that my climbing days were fun. I thoroughly enjoyed my time out and look forward to returning and climbing with Mon d'Aventura again.


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