Mongolia, 16-day Trek and climb with summits on Khüiten & Malchin

Join Brian, an AMGA-certified guide, for an incredibly fun and scenic 16-day trekking expedition through the wilderness of Mongolia and up to the summits of Khüiten Peak and Malchin Peak.




Trip Duration

16 days

People per Guide

8 people

Trip Level


Offer Period

Jul, Aug

Type of Trip



  • Explore Ulaan Bataar, the former seat of Ghengis Khan's empire.

  • Enjoy stunning views out over the mountains, valleys and glaciers of Mongolia.

  • Meet local people and enjoy local food and culture.


Join us for a cultural and natural exploration through the wilderness of western Mongolia and up to the summit of its highest peak!

Over the course of 16 days, we will make our way from the capital of Ulaan Bataar out into the westernmost reaches of the country and among the Altai Mountains!

We will head from the western city of Bayan-Ölgii, driving through alpine meadows full of local livestock before arriving at the point at which our trek begins.

We will spend the majority of our trek out in the wilderness of the Altai Mountains, climbing over glaciers, through tundra-like landscape and verdant valleys.

Ascending the 4.050-meter-tall Malchin Peak and 4.375-meter-high Khüiten Peak will be among the highlights of our trip. From the summit of the latter, which is the highest mountain in all of Mongolia, we will enjoy stunning views out over the mountain range and over the surrounding landscape.

After our trek is complete, we will take some time to explore local villages and meet the people who call this place home. We will also try some excellent local cuisine too.

In order to join the trip, you should have some basic mountaineering experience under your belt and be in good physical condition.

We recommend checking out our 2-day, 3-day, 6-day and 8-day mountaineering courses in Washington state and Alaska if you don’t have any previous experience.

So what are you waiting for? Book now for the adventure of a lifetime and head out into the wilderness of western Mongolia for this amazing trekking and climbing experience!

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Price per person

Group of 1
6200 USD

Group of 2
6200 USD

Group of 3
6200 USD

Group of 4
6200 USD

Group of 5
6200 USD

Group of 6
6200 USD

Group of 7
6200 USD

Group of 8
6200 USD


Price includes

  • Guiding fee
 Please contact us for a complete list of what is included in this price.


  • Day 1 to 2Arrival

    Meet in Ulaan Bataar for day 2. Depending on where you come from, flying here generally takes at least a day.

  • Day 3Explore Ulan Bataar

    We will tour the city and visit the Choijin Lama temple, Winter Palace of Bogd Khan and the National Museum of Mongolia.

  • Day 4Altai Tavan Bogd and Oigor gol valley

    After flying to Bayan-Ölgii, we head to Altai Tavan Bogd and Oigor Gol Valley by jeep.

  • Day 5 to 6Malchin Peak

    We will hike to the Potaniin glacier and prepare our base camp for the climb of Malchin Peak. From our base camp, we ascend more than 1.000 meters, taking approximately 6-8 hours.

  • Day 7Rest day

    Go over necessary skills for the climb of Khüiten and relax.

  • Day 8 to 10Khüiten

    After making the seven hour approach over a glacier, we will set up camp. We will then ascend Khüiten by hiking over the Potaniin Glacier and establishing high camp. We then climb more than 900 meters to the top of the North Ridge and follow that up to the summit, Mongolia’s highest point. After our descent, we may try to attempt the summit of nearby Nairamdal, or return to base camp.

  • Day 11Tsagaan Gol Valley

    We will return from our base camp to the Tsagaan Gol Valley, where we will meet some local people and experience their culture.

  • Day 12 to 13Return to Bayan Olgii

    Drive back to the airport in Bayan Olgii, stopping to enjoy great views and explore little towns along the way.

  • Day 14Free day in Ulaan Bataar

    Spend some time exploring the capital and doing anything you didn’t get around to on the third day.

  • Day 15 to 16Depart Mongolia

    We leave Mongolia and day 15 and you should be back at home by day 16.


Other details

Skill level required


Fitness level required


Meeting point

Ulaan Baatar


About the Guide


We are one of the prime guiding agencies in the US and our mountaineering school is among the most reputed in the country. We are recognized as industry leaders all across North America.

All our expeditions are carefully planned as we believe that our work prior to the start of the trip is key to helping climbers achieve their goals. We provide a wealth of important information to help participants plan more effectively and our guides are always available to answer questions.

We believe putting together cohesive groups is key and we ask participants important details about their training and climbing or hiking experience. This is key to our safety record, which stands as the finest in the industry. Injury prevention is always our top priority.

We think of climbers as modern-day explorers. Whether attending a mountaineering course or climbing Everest, you can expect us to treat every trip as a unique exploration. We know you have joined us to embrace a challenge and to learn through experience.



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