Mont Blanc, Alps, 2 Day Guided Ski touring Ascent

Join Francesco, an IFMGA certified guide, for a 2 day climbing adventure to the summit of the legendary Mont Blanc mountain in the Alps of France.

2 days
Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug
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Arguably one of the most famous mountain in the Alps, Mont Blanc (4,810m) is a magnificent peak.

On this 2 day adventure, I would like to guide you to the top of Mont Blanc, while also leading you on a fantastic skiing descent back down. The views, the experience, and the thrills you will get on this exquisite mountain are second to none.

The trip will begin in Chamonix. From there we will take the cable car to Plan de l’Aiguille (2,310m). Afterwards, we will make our way up to the Grand Mulets hut (3,057m), where we will spend the night. During the journey we will cross the beautiful Jonction glacier.

On the second day of the trip, we will make our way to the summit of Mont Blanc. The climb will take you through the Dome de Gouter and the Vallot Bivouac. After you’ve enjoyed the spectacular views at the summit, we will then begin our descent. We will make our way down via the northern wall back to the Mulets hut. Once there, you will get to enjoy a much deserved lunch. Finally, we will go back to the Plan de l’Aiguille, and take the cable car back down.

In order to participate on this adventure, you should have previous mountaineering and alpine ski touring experience. You should also be in good physical condition and be properly acclimatized.

Ascending Mont Blanc is a once in a lifetime experience. And for 2 days, I would like to guide you on a ski touring climb of this great peak. So send me a request, come to Chamonix, and let the journey begin.

I also lead a 2 day freeride skiing trip around the Mont Blanc massif as well.


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Grand Mulets hut

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Participants should bring normal ski touring equipment with them, as well as avalanche safety equipment, including probe, shovel and arva. They should also bring a harness, crampons, ice axe and helmet as well. Some of the necessary equipment can