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Rila and Pirin ski touring

Ski Tour in Rila and Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria

Join us on an exhilarating 7-day ski tour through the breathtaking Rila and Pirin Mountains in Bulgaria, guided by an experienced UIMLA-certified ski instructor. Prepare to be captivated by stunning alpine vistas, powdery snow-covered slopes, and cozy mountain chalets as you traverse these enchanting landscapes.




Pirin, Rila Mountains


7 Days


Feb - May






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The Rila mountains and the Pirin mountains in Bulgaria are both incredible, beautiful mountain ranges. It is a treat to visit and explore just one of them. However, on this 7 day adventure, you will have the opportunity to explore both of them!

Also, because this is a ski touring trip, you will get to enjoy the trill of skiing on descents from the tops of some truly fantastic peaks. Those mountains include Mount Malyovitsa (2,729m), Mount Musala (2,925m), Mount Todorka (2,746m) and Mount Polezan (2,851m).

Each mountain range has a long list of unique highlights. And because there is so much to see and do, the days will be long. Some days will see us skiing for nearly 7 hours. Thus the need for participants to be in good physical condition. And while the terrain is accessible, there can be some challenging spots, especially in the peaks. So participants should also have some previous ski touring experience.

Just a few of the highlights you will get to enjoy on this trip include:

  • The village of Govedartsi
  • The Rila seven lakes
  • Borovets ski resort
  • Bunderitsa valley
  • Bansko ski resort
  • Bezbog hut
  • Sofia
  • Pirin national park

There is an abundance more of great things to see during this amazing ski touring week. And while it will be tiring,  we have no doubt that in the evenings, when you are relaxing and resting in one of the wonderful hotels where we will be staying, you will be more than satisfied.

So if you would like to spend a week enjoying and exploring the Rila and Pirin mountain ranges of Bulgaria, just send us a request. It would be our pleasure to guide you on this week long ski tour.

If you are looking for a shorter trip, we also offer a 1 day free ride skiing trip in the resort town of Bansko.

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Dinner

- Lift tickets

- Transport during the trip

Price details

The price includes transfers to and from Sofia, along with accommodation, half board, and lift tickets. Participants should have appropriate safety equipment such as probes, shovel and beacon, as well as proper skiing equipment that includes touring skis, ski touring bindings, with ski/walk mode and brakes or straps, climbing skins, ski crampons, poles, and ski boots. All of this equipment is available for rent in Sofia.

Secure your spot with just 25% payment

48-hour free cancellation with 30-day advance booking


Day 1: Govedartsi (1,200m)

Participants will transfer from the Sofia airport to the village of Govedartsi, at the Rila mountains, where we will spend the night in a local hotel.

Day 2: Mount Malyovitsa (2,729m)

Today, we will spend approximately 7 hours scaling Mount Malyovitsa before returning to the hotel at Govedartsi for the night.

Day 3: Borovets ski resort and Mount Musala (2,925m)

Today we will transfer to the Borovets ski resort, where we will take a gondola ride to an altitude of 2,360 metres. After that we will ascend Mount Musala and ski back down to Borvets, before transferring to Panichishte, where will spend a night in a local hotel.

Day 4: Rila seven lakes

Today we will take a lift to the Rila Lakes hut, and from there, we will ski around the beautiful seven lakes area before returning to Panichishte, where we will spend the night in the same hotel.

Day 5: Bansko and Mount Todorka (2,746m)

Today we will take a 2 hour transfer to the resort area of Bansko. From there we will take a ski lift to an altitude of 2,550 metres before scaling Mount Todorka before skiing back down to Bansko, where we will spend a night in a local hotel.

Day 6: Mount Polezan (2,851m)

Today we will take a 30 minute transfer to the Bezbog chair lift. From there we will take the lift to the Bezbog hut, and proceed up Mount Polezan before skiing back down to Bansko, where we will spend the night in the same hotel as the previous evening.

Day 7: Sofia

Today we will take a 2.5 hour transfer back to Sofia, where you can spend time exploring the city, depending on when your flight departs.


More info

Participants should bring the following items with them: rucksack (35-45L), water and windproof jacket and pants, rain cover, sun hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, warm hat and gloves, water bottle (1.5L), travel liner (optional), torch, personal first aid kit.

Meeting point



What is the difficulty level of this Ski Tour in Bulgaria?

This ski tour expedition is for experienced skiers who are in good physical condition. Some days involve skiing for up to 7 hours, and there can be some challenging spots, especially in the peaks.

What kind of ski touring experience do I need?

You should have some previous ski touring experience before traversing to the Rila and Pirin mountains. This means that you should be comfortable skiing in all types of snow conditions, including powder, and you should be able to use ski touring equipment safely and efficiently.

What is included in the trip?

The trip includes all accommodations, meals, transportation, and ski touring guide services in the Rila and Pirin mountains.

What is not included in the trip?

The trip does not include airfare, travel insurance, or personal expenses.

What time of year is the best for ski touring in the Rila and Pirin mountains?

The best time for ski touring in the Rila and Pirin mountains is from December to April. However, the exact conditions can vary depending on the year.

What kind of weather can I expect on the Rila and Pirin mountains?

The weather in the Rila and Pirin mountains can be unpredictable, so it is important to be prepared for all types of conditions. Be sure to pack layers of clothing, rain gear, and sunscreen.

What kind of accommodations will we be staying in?

We will be staying in a variety of accommodations in Bulgaria, including hotels, guesthouses, and mountain huts.

Do you offer shorter trips in Bulgaria?

Yes, I also offer a 1-day free ride skiing trip in the resort town of Bansko.

Will I be able to rent equipment?

You will be provided with a list of recommended ski touring equipment, which you can rent if needed.

About the guide: Lyuben

Guide profile image




Mountain Leader

I work as a mountain leader since 2006, both with individuals and larger organized groups, mainly English speaking.

Together with a group of colleagues we offer a wide-range of activities: hiking, trekking, rock climbing and mountain biking, snowshoeing, ice climbing, ski touring and off-piste skiing.

All our guides are certified, experienced and passionate about their job and will guide you with a smile and care through the wild beauty of the Bulgarian and the Balkan mountains.


Russian | English | Bulgarian



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What people are saying about Lyuben



Lyuben is a very good guide. More than a ski touring guide , he is a perfect travel organiser. We were a group of 4 Belgium guys around 50 to make the 4 days touring ski tour. He chose for us a very good family guesthouse, with very good food. He let us discover local thermal bath, traditional restaurant. About ski touring, Lyuben chose each day the best spot possible for the landscape and the snow adapted to the changing weather conditions. Time keeping was perfect. Zero stress for any situation. He has a comfortable car and does not hesitate to drive hours to bring us to the best area or to bring back us to the airport. Very friendly, super adaptive with us, I warmly recommend Lyuben.



Lyuben and Ivo were excellent. Communication was great. Lyuben helped us hire kit before arriving. Each day was great with a good variety or touring and excellent snow. thank you!



Wonderful 9-day hiking in the mountains of Bulgaria and Greece. It was easy to book a trip through the Explore-Share page. They responded quickly, everything was fine and well organized. My whole 9 days were very well organized. Guide picked me up on Sofia's airport and on the 9th day guide taken me back to the airport. Everything in between was organized by Top Guides Bulgaria. The physical effort was great, but it was worth it, wonderful views and very good emotions. I met three guides - Lyuben, Ruslan and Moni. They were very nice and friendly and very good guides. They kept my pace when hiking the mountains and helped and taught me if it was necessary. I felt safe and supported all the time. The hardest part for me was the last part of Mt. Olympus, climbing to the top, it took self-transcendence and a big effort. I haven't been rock climbing before. I am proud to myself that I made it. I was able to do this thanks to Lyuben's support, help and teachings. I am very grateful to him. When hiking in the mountains, you must be prepared to walk up the hill for several hours, which is physically difficult. At this time, wonderful views and feelings gives strength and the will to move on. Guide Moni had taken with him binocular. So we saw the animals and the birds more closer and he had knowledge to talk about them. In the mountains guide Ruslan talked about myths, local culture and nature. On the last day we had the city tour in Sofia. Guide Ruslan introduced me the historical buildings and told many interesting stories about history. All of it was very interesting to listen. The program of the days was very well structured. On the 5th day I felt physically tired and would not have been able to go hiking in the mountains straight away again. According to the plan, came the time to rest: Greece beach, the return trip to Bulgaria, a walk in the beautiful town of Bansko. After that I felt rested and enjoyed hiking in the mountains again. On the evenings of hiking days, you can relax: a delicious dinners in local restaurants, nights in lovely hotels and mountain huts, you can go to a mineral water spa, local market, etc. I am very satisfied and happy about this 9-day trip. Everything was very good. I have great memories and wonderful pictures of it. I definitely want to go back there, at another time of the year: to ski in the winter or to see waterfalls in the spring. Also, I would be happy to use the services of Explore-Share and Top Guides Bulgaria again when hiking in other regions.



A few words about the wonderful guide Kaloyan Peichev. He is a very responsible guide, a wonderful skier and a generous teacher, he has professional knowledge of mountains, snow, etc. and a very kind person.



Amazing trip..... 100% recommend this trip... Lyuben was both professional and friendly. We loved it. A great activity to do with a non-skier in tow.

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