Rock climbing at Cape Collinson in Hong Kong (Chai Wan)


Enjoy exceptional views of sea-cliffs and tidal waves on this amazing rock climbing trip at Cape Collinson in Hong Kong with one of our certified guides.


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  • Enjoy spectacular views of the sea cliffs.
  • Catch a glimpse of the beautiful pebble beach as you climb.
  • Spot a few relics from World War II.


For one day or many, we will take you on a wonderful Hong Kong rock climbing trip at Cape Collinson. Get ready to feel the adrenaline rush as you climb the high cliffs against the beautiful backdrop of sea-waves on this amazing trip.

Located southeast of Chai Wan, Cape Collinson is a popular climbing spot owing to its large number of routes of varying length and difficulty. It has something for everyone making it an ideal destination for beginners and seasoned climbers alike.

The crag holds relics of the past given its crucial history. During World War II, many forts and fortresses were built around the area by the British Army for protection against the Japanese invasion. It will be interesting to spot a few on your way to the climbing site.

There are two famous cliffs here-the Zawn and the Bunker Wall. And depending upon your skill level, you can head to either one of these. The climb offers spectacular views of the pebble beach and tidal-waves. You will also be able to locate the monuments and forts from World Wall II.

We will begin the trip at Chai Wan and head towards Cape Collinson. From there, we will hike and scramble our way to the climbing site. The approach to the site is quite an adventure in itself.

After a brief about safety measures and climbing techniques, you will be ready to climb!

We will climb for about 2 hours before taking a short lunch break. You will enjoy beautiful views of the sea-cliffs all along. We will continue to climb post-lunch until we finish our selected route and hike down by the evening to end this incredible trip.

So, why would you miss a fun day in Hong Kong? Get in touch now to book your seat on this amazing rock climbing trip at Cape Collinson in Hong Kong. Also, check out another climbing tour to the Temple Crag on Lantau Island if looking for some more adventure in Hong Kong.



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Routes Difficulty: For Beginners: Several routes from f4 to f5+. For advanced climbers: Many routes ranging from 6a to 6C+


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