• Trip duration
    13 days
  • Trip level
  • Max people per guide
  • Mountain range
  • Best period
    Oct, Nov


Join me for the greatest experience of your life: a 13-day ski touring trip in Antarctica.

Starting from Ushuaia, the most southern town in the world, we will navigate the South Pacific, passing Cape Horn and crossing the Drake Passage.   

Antarctica is a dreamy destination. This is your chance to actually be a part of an incredible expedition below the Artic Circle.

During this trip, a ship called Clipper Adventurer will be our warm and confortable base camp. The crew is a group of experienced people used to navigate in these latitudes.

Each day, we will explore incredible spots of the Antarctic Peninsula and navigate through fjords and icebergs. There will be a lot of ski touring, of course! We will also have conferences about geological and biological topics.

I actually believe this experience will change the way you perceive the world. Being in the Antarctic Peninsula requires to be humble and respectful. Besides, you will feel the immensity of nature and the silence of this ice paradise.

In addition, you will enjoy watching leopard seals, humpback whales, killer whales, seals and different kind of penguins. In fact, seeing so many wonderful things will make you conscious of how complex the ecosystem around us is.

You can find a complete program below for further details about this trip. However, the program is subject to changes depending on weather, ice or local conditions.

Please get in touch with me if you want to have the skiing experience of your life. It will be my pleasure to bring you there and guide you in the fantastic Antarctica environment.

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Day 1

Arrive to Ushuaia, Argentina.

Overnight in Ushuaia.

Day 2

Beagle Channel

Board the Clipper Adventurer and set sail down the Beagle Channel.

Day 3 to 4

Drake Passage / Deception Islands

Cross the Drake Passage. Sperm whales and humpback whales, along with skies of seabirds will accompany our journey.

We’ll arrive at Deception Islands volcanic crater on the afternoon of Day 4 for a hike.

Day 5

Neko Harbour

Ski and trekking objectives at Neko Harbour. Zodiac cruises, penguin rookeries, hiking.

Day 6

Anvers, Wenke Island, Port Lockroy

Ski and trekking objectives at Anvers and Wenke Islands. Port Lockroy scientific base and museum. Visit gentoo and adelie penguin habitat.

Day 7

Ronge Island / Mt. Britannia.

We’ll visit penguin rookery at Georges Point.

Day 8

Paradise Bay.

Ski and trekking objectives in Paradise Bay. Zodiac excursions. Visit penguin rookery and Almirante Brown Station.

Day 9

Lemaire Channel / Mt. Scott / Mt. Demaria / Mt. Mill

We’ll have several ski descents in those spots.

We’ll also visit the Ukrainian Vernadsky scientific station. Killer whale and leopard seal sightings.

Day 10

Charlotte Bay

New ski descents and nature cruises of Charlotte Bay; begin journey north in the evening.

Day 11 to 12

Drake Passage / Cape Horn

Sail Drake Passage; pass the dramatic cliffs of Cape Horn.

Day 13

Return to Ushuaia

Disembark the Clipper Adventurer in Ushuaia, Argentina. H Flexibility is necessary for all Antarctic travel.

Price per person

1 Person8995USD

Price includes

  • Guiding fee
  • Accommodation
  • Transport during the trip

Other details

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Clipper Adventurer (ship).