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There are many reasons for choosing Backcountry Skiing in Antarctica:

Antarctica is a barren but incredibly beautiful place. Ninety eight percent of its surface area is covered in ice and the continent has no plant life, which makes Antarctica seem like an alien world. Heading out into the remote reaches of its mountainous peninsulas and spectacular bays is the best way to appreciate its immense and other-worldly beauty.



Good to know:

Best time to visit:

December to February


Most trips are priced in US dollars or Euros

How to get there:

Most trips to Antarctica will begin with a flight into Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo International Airport (PUQ) in Punta Arenas, Chile. From here guides will arrange transport via seaplane to Antarctica

What’s the weather like?

During the summer months, which is the only time when it is possible to visit Antarctica for outdoor activities, average daily temperatures are generally between -20°C and -5°C. Snowstorms are also not uncommon during the summer

More info about Backcountry Skiing in Antarctica:

Antarctica was the world’s last discovered and is its least populated, polluted and explored continent. Heading here for a backcountry skiing adventure is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Heading to Mount Vinson, either to ski up the peak or simply enjoy some great powder on its slopes, is the most popular option. Climbing the peak takes between 10 days and two weeks. While the climbing itself is not technically difficult, it is made far more difficult by the harsh conditions and logistical difficulties of transporting people and gear. Away from summiting the continent’s highest peak, the continent boasts many other great ski touring options as well, most of which are located on the Antarctic Peninsula, which juts out of the continent toward the tip of South America. It is here that the continent’s tallest mountains are found along with the best ski spots. Many ski tourers opt to add sailing and kayaking to their itinerary in the summer. Since the skies never darken, there certainly is plenty of time to squeeze all of these activities in



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