A voyage through pristine, untouched countryside, peace and quiet in abundance, and a rich, fascinating history, all in Albania!


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There are many reasons for choosing Albania

Albania is not one of the first countries that springs to mind when planning an outdoor adventure holiday in Europe, but due to its recent emergence as a outdoor activity playground, the perception is starting to change. Compared to the more popular countries in Europe, crowds are quite sparse in relation, thus ensuring there is more time, space and quiet to fully enjoy your activities and not be in a rush.


Good to know:

Country Code





Albanian lek

Best time to visit

April-June, September-October, as it is not too hot or cold


Mediterranean climate, meaning hot summers and relatively mild Winters

How to get there

Flights to Tirana from most major European hubs, alternatively many bus and train options from neighboring countries

More info about Albania:

Albania is located on the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by the countries of Greece, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo. Due to its long, rich and distinguished history, there are many fascinating things to do and see in the country, with castles and other archaeological sites dotting the landscape. The capital city of Tirana is emerging as an exciting and fun cultural hub, and the countryside provides endless opportunity to discover the exotic and riveting flora and fauna that resides here. The weather can get very hot in Summer, so it is best to pack appropriately to maximize enjoyment of your activity

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