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Make yourself at home in this Central American enclave known for tropical beaches, captivating rain forests, and invaluable biodiversity!


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Costa Rica is the Shangri-La of beach life and culture. From Golfo Dulce north to Gulf of Nicoya and beyond, this tropical paradise offers life-changing snorkeling and surfing programs. Hiking along the coast and into the Cordillera Talamanca is seamless and recommended. Check out Quepos on your way to Manuel Antonio National Park and enjoy beach-lined rainforests!


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Costa Rican colon (CRC)

Best Time to Visit

The dry season from December to April is most ideal, though it is also the busiest


Costa Rica has a tropical climate, with pleasant temperatures as a norm. The dry season lasts from December to April. Beginning in May, precipitation increases and the rainy season lasts into November

How to Get There

Flying into the international airport of San Jose is the most common means by which to enter Costa Rica. There is also a smaller airport in the northern part of the country, outside of Liberia. Tica Bus makes international access possible by bus between other Central American countries

More info about Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is a world-renowned tropical country known for its biodiversity and natural splendor. It is sandwiched between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, with Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the southeast. Its slender width makes it manageable to traverse and explore, with a high volume of nature reserves, national parks, and animal sanctuaries. Its capital and largest city of roughly two million people, San Jose, is in the center of the country, providing access to some of its most notable wilderness. Rainforests and beaches are the biggest draws to Costa Rica, and the Talamanca Mountains are prominent objectives for hikers and mountaineers


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