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FAQs: Costa Rica

What should I know about Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a world-renowned tropical country known for its biodiversity and natural splendor. It is sandwiched between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, with Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the southeast. Its slender width makes it manageable to traverse and explore, with a high volume of nature reserves, national parks, and animal sanctuaries. Its capital and largest city of roughly two million people, San Jose, is in the center of the country, providing access to some of its most notable wilderness. Rainforests and beaches are the biggest draws to Costa Rica, and the Talamanca Mountains are prominent objectives for hikers and mountaineers.

Why should I choose Costa Rica for my adventure?

Pacific Coast!

Costa Rica is the Shangri-La of beach life and culture. From Golfo Dulce north to Gulf of Nicoya and beyond, this tropical paradise offers life-changing snorkeling and surfing programs. Hiking along the coast and into the Cordillera Talamanca is seamless and recommended. Check out Quepos on your way to Manuel Antonio National Park and enjoy beach-lined rainforests!

Outstanding Mountains!

The Cordillera Talamanca has great 3,500-meter-plus peaks, notably Cerro Chirripo and Cerro de la Muerte. With fairly easy access, mind-boggling panoramas, and an environment that will never cease to amaze even the most seasoned travelers, climbing, hiking, and discovering this remarkable region at altitude is the epitome of life-changing.

Access and Diversity!

Flying into San Jose opens just about all of the doors of a Costa Rican adventure. Set within 170 kilometers by car from the Caribbean and within 100 miles of the Pacific Coast, the city itself is a great jumping off point for many hiking and mountaineering programs. Hike to and around Cerro Uran (3,600m), indulge in the January Fiestas of Palmares, and finish the trip by heading to the Damas Island mangrove estuary for your fill of fascinating flora and fauna. Costa Rica really does have it all... within arm's length.

What can I expect from the weather in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has a tropical climate, with pleasant temperatures as a norm. The dry season lasts from December to April. Beginning in May, precipitation increases and the rainy season lasts into November.

Which language is predominantly spoken in Costa Rica?


What currency is accepted in Costa Rica?

Costa Rican colon (CRC)

How to Get There

Flying into the international airport of San Jose is the most common means by which to enter Costa Rica. There is also a smaller airport in the northern part of the country, outside of Liberia. Tica Bus makes international access possible by bus between other Central American countries.

What’s the country code of Costa Rica?


What’s the high season in Costa Rica?

The dry season from December to April is most ideal, though it is also the busiest.

What people are saying about Costa Rica trips



From the very beginning we knew Armin could be trusted to: A. help us to the top of the tall Mountain safely B. help us enjoy the journey and C. Come back from our trip with wonderful memories and a lifetime of photos and stories. We hope to have Armin help us our next trips, he is really THAT GOOD. Thank you Armin!!! Rae and Stu



The Tour with Armin to the peaks of Uran and Chirripo was quite unique. A wonderful experience that I will never forget. The view from Uran and Chirripo was fantastic and made you forget all the efforts needed for the ascent. If you like the mountains and hiking, you will love it. Armin is a perfect tour guide. He has a lot of experience and many interesting stories. Armin was always there, when I needed help. The communication and organization was also really good. All in all, I can definitely recommend the tour with Armin.



This was by far the most strenuous trek I have ever attempted, but thanks to Armin’s leadership and encouragement I was able to rise to the challenge. Make no mistake, this one is hard - especially the 2nd day (12 hour hike from Paso de los Indios to Uran, Chirripo and ending at Crestones base camp). The day starts out in the dark and freezing cold and there are limited opportunities to replenish food and water. This is not a problem as long as you are prepared (read the itinerary closely and ask as many questions in advance as you need to understand what to expect). In spite of any technical difficulty and physical discomfort, I 100% recommend this hike. The scenery was breathtaking and the opportunity to hike in peace and solitude amongst the highest points of land was truly amazing. Thank you Armin and Explore-Share for making this happen.



Cerro chirripo is a great trek. Armin did a wonderful job organizing both the details of the trip and setting a very good pace. He also gave terrific service getting me to the next point in my trip. The accomodations both at the base at the pelican and the hut exceeded my expectations. The food at the pelican is amazing and features farm products from the property. If you have a chance at the pelican to sit with Wilson who has a great eye for spotting local birds Don't hesitate to book Armin for this trip or any other.



This whole experience was one of ease and adventure. Armin kept great communication through the booking/permit process. Once at the Hotel Pelicano, I was well taken care of. The accommodations were amazing and the food, delicious!! I feel extremely grateful for my guide, Wilson, who grew up and lives here. His knowledge of the area added a great value to my experience. He seems to have a passion for birds and continuously stopped to listen and identify the bird song and then educate me. I enjoyed this very much. I came to love the sound of the black-faced solitaire. Often, my head was down, watching my feet and if not for Wilson pointing things out I may have missed a lot. What an adventure! I highly recommend this trek!! Thank you so much Armin & Wilson❤️

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