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There are many reasons for choosing Cyprus

Majestic mountains and stunning sea views dominate the Cypriot landscape. Head over to Mount Olympus for stunning panoramic views of the island or do sailing off the Cypriot coast to experience the breathtaking sea cliffs and pristine beaches. With very little rain throughout most of the year, enjoy clear and sunny skies, whatever activity you choose to do.


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Greek, Turkish, English

How to get there?

Cyprus has two international airports at Larnaca (LCA) and Paphos (PFO). Both offer numerous flights from locations all over Europe and the Middle East

Best time to visit:

For the likes of rock climbing and hiking, come to Cyprus from March to June and October to December. For skiing, the best time to visit is during January and February

What’s the weather like?

During the the spring and autumn, temperatures in Cyprus are a pleasant 20°C to 25°C. Spring experiences very little rainfall, while autumn receives a bit more, but not much more. It is generally too hot during the summer for most strenuous outdoor activities

More info about Cyprus:

Located in the southeastern part of the Mediterranean, Cyprus is the third largest island in the sea after Sardinia and Corsica. The island is predominantly composed of ethnic Greek and Turks, taking much of its cultural heritage from the two countries. The country is very geographically diverse, with two mountain ranges – the Troodos Mountains and Kyrenia Range – encircling a central plain. The island nation has numerous excellent beach resorts that attract millions of tourists each year, including near both international airports. Nicosia is both the capital as well as the country’s largest city. It has been continuously inhabited for 4,500 years and, as a result, has a rich history and culture. It is definitely worth visiting when you decide to come for a visit! If you plan on driving in Cyprus, it is useful to remember that the island was a British protectorate until 1960 and, as a result, the people drive on the left hand side of the road

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