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Discover Greenland: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You

Head to the ultimate wilderness of the world's largest island and embark on an Arctic adventure in Greenland!

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FAQs: Greenland

What should I know about Greenland?

Greenland is the world’s largest island located in the north Atlantic Ocean and into the Arctic Ocean. It is covered almost entirely by an ice sheet (80%), pushing the population of almost 60,000 people to the coasts. Most residents live in the southwest, with the capital city Nuuk home to more than 17,000 inhabitants. Many islands dot the coastline around the country and feature outstanding fjords and mountains right at the edge of the land. Because of the air quality and low humidity, visibility is usually high when peering out from its vantage points. The Northern Lights can be seen best from November to the tail end of March. As the summer approaches, so does the Midnight Sun, which means the sun never quite sets.

Why should I choose Greenland for my adventure?

Isolated Adventure!

If you like untouched snow, unseen nature, and unexplored terrain, then Greenland might just be your mecca. Most of Greenland's population of nearly 60,000 people is found mostly in the southwest of the country, meaning branching out from Nuuk or Paamiut sends you off to a unique journey. No lines, crowds, or waiting. Just pure adventure at your fingertips, made exclusively for you.
Cultural Intrigue!
Add a level of enrichment to your program and include visits and immersions with the Inuit communities. One of the best ways to experience the serene landscape of Greenland is to get to know its Greenlandic-speaking population. Enjoy learning the compelling history of the residents who spent the past few centuries settling across the island. Many ski tours and cross-country trips allow you the opportunity to stay in cabins with locals for an all-around fulfilling expedition.
Eclectic Opportunity!
Believe it or not, sailing around the fjords of Greenland is a fun and common way to reach the best nooks of ski touring terrain. Ferries - namely those of the Arctic Umiak Line - are used to shuttle passengers along the western coast, providing more access to seemingly inaccessible places. The communities surrounding the fjords and mountains and waterways and hot springs - yes, hot springs! - can accommodate whichever adventure you intend to take.

What can I expect from the weather in Greenland?

It should come as no surprise that Greenland is cold. Generally speaking, the temperature rarely exceeds 10 degrees even in the summer. The air is strikingly high in quality, and there is relatively low humidity.

Which language is predominantly spoken in Greenland?


What currency is accepted in Greenland?

Danish krone (DKK)

How to Get There

Getting to the island may require patience and transfers, often including a stop in Iceland or Denmark. Kusuluk is a point of entry in the east, while Nuuk has an airport in the west. The southern branch of the country is served by an airport in Narsarsuaq and the northwest by Kangerlussuaq. While there is no ferry service to Greenland, many cruise ships provide trips to the island, making it a possible mode of transportation.

What’s the country code of Greenland?


What’s the high season in Greenland?

April and May provide the best conditions to visit and explore Greenland, though some summer and autumn trips can be pleasant and manageable.

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