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Alpine scenery and Mediterranean vibes

Enjoy ski touring in the Aosta Valley, climb iconic via ferratas in the Dolomites or go to Sardinia for a hike along the beautiful coastline. Italy will captivate your senses!


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Italy is a country of Southern-Europe, with a peninsula extending to the Mediterranean Sea. With its combination of ancient history, colossal architecture, delicious cuisine and Renaissance art, Italy never fails to seduce travelers. Rome, Florence and Venice are the classic triad for a first glimpse into a country that certainly deserves many visits. For outdoor lovers, the country boasts a myriad of natural wonders that range from the imposing peaks of the Italian Alps and the Dolomites, to the bucolic countryside and rural valleys of Tuscany. Add a mesmerizing coastline and paradise islands to the list and you’ll get an unforgettable travel adventure!



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What’s the weather like?

In the north of Italy (Alps and Apennines) winters are typically very cold, while summers are very hot and humid. Central Italy boasts a mild weather. The south of the country and the islands have a Mediterranean weather: quite hot and dry during summer but with pleasant temperatures in winter.

Getting there

A huge number of airlines from all around the world fly to Italy’s major cities (Roma, Milan, Venice). Italy is well-connected with many European cities by train or bus. If you are heading to the Italian Alps, a good choice is to reach Milan, Turin or Geneva (Switzerland). For the Dolomites, your best choices are flying to Venice, Verona or Innsbruck (Austria).



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Best time to visit:

you may want to avoid July and August, when places get overcrowded, expensive and weather is too hot. For hiking, climbing and mountaineering, spring (April-June) and fall (September-October) are your best bet. For skiing, the season runs from December to late April (March is a good time to find lower prices).



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What People Say

  • 182 reviews


Highly recommend this trip! We cannot praise our guide enough! Gigio was fantastic!! The trip up Gran Paradiso is a
beautiful walk in a completely unspoilt valley. We stayed in the Chabod but at 2750m which had everything we needed with decent food. The climb turned out to be difficult due to the conditions but our guide did everything he could to get us to the top. Thoroughly enjoyable 2 days!
This tour was unanimously my family’s favorite part of our trip. The view from the top is the most stunning
360 view I’ve ever seen. Enrico, our guide, was clear, calm and engaging. We had a person who is terrified of heights, and Enrico did an excellent job of balancing patient encouragement with determined push. For those more fearless who are experienced hikers and climbers, this particular via ferrata may be a bit underwhelming. A few of us wanted more of a challenge. Overall, fantastic.
We had a great experience with Mr.Enrico Geremia for our via ferrata trip up Marmolada. Enrico was a friendly guide
and did not compromise with any of the safety equipment. We felt secure all the while with Enrico. We would certainly recommend our friends who have plans to hike the Dolomites in the future to use this platform 🙂
Peaks Hunters were brilliant from the point of first contact.  They took care of every last detail from planning the
trip to providing all the mountaineering equipment.  On the mountain our guides were amazing.  Positive, confident, good company and with safety always at the fore front.  They set the pace and made sure as many of our group as possible hit the summit.  Thank you so much to the Silvia, Elis and the team.  Will definitely be using you again
The trip was excellent. We met the owner of Peak Hunters and next time would preferably like to travel with
him. You all saved us and our trip and we are forever in your debt. We are already excited to book next years with you guys.
Sheena and Chris for Gran Paradiso 2 Day Guided Ascent
The trip was great, the guide the programme the team everything. Except for 1 thing: the clothes recommended in the
list of equipment was too hot for that season i felt like.
It. Was. So. Amazing. The trek was everything I hoped it would be and more. Enrico was
a super guide – he was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and I could tell he really loves sharing the Dolomites with people. He organized a fantastic trip – the huts we stayed in were amazing and the scenery was unbelievable.
I had an amazing time!
This was an incredible experience!!! Our guide Fabio, president of the Tuscan Rock Climbing Federation, took us throughout the beautiful
Muzzerone. His 35 years of experience definitely showed. He was wise, courteous, and knowledgable. The climbing itself was some of the best we’ve encountered: the rock faces were gorgeous (nice and gritty, easy to grip) and the views of the Mediterranean were spectacular. Highly highly recommend.
Samuel Levi Young for Climbing around Portovenere, 5 Terre
Loved the trip!
Enrico was great, fantastic hike/climb & views. I would recomend this trip.
christian saville for Via ferrata Punta Anna, in Cortina
Enrico was an excellent guide and his routes were amazing. He was great with condfident and nonconfident climbers alike. I
would recconmend him to anyone.
Enrico guided my family of 4 including 2 boys age 14 and 17 to do the Via Ferrata on Punta
Anna. It was a fantastic day. First there was a vigorous walk up from Rifugio Dibona to the start of the Via Ferrata. We are a active family who hikes often but at the higher altitude, we still huffed a bit with the hike. But Enrico was patient and gave us whatever opportunities to take pictures and rest as we needed. During that hike, Enrico conversed with my boys to get a sense of how comfortable they may be with heights and climbing. Once the Via Ferrata started, it was just amazing. Enrico gave us clear instructions about how to do the Ferrata safely and kept an eye on us make sure that we were comfortable and having fun. He took amazing pictures of our family during the climb so that we did not have to fumble with our cameras and risk dropping it. That really allows me to enjoy the moment because it is indescribably beautiful and breathtaking. He then send us the pictures the next day and they were great and better than what I could have done. At the tricky parts of the climb, he offered to pull us up by rope if we were uncomfortable but we were all able to do it on our own. However, for others who may be unsure, it may be helpful to know that he can assist you in this way. Then on the way down, he showed us how to do a gravel run which we have never done and it was enormously fun! We cannot recommend Enrico enough as a guide for Via Ferrata, rock climbing , or skiing tour. He even gave us recommendations for future tours that we hope to do. This tour was the highlight of our trip to Italy.
Michelle Ng Gong for Via ferrata Punta Anna, in Cortina
Dashing between spectacular thunderstorms, we had an amazing day with Carlos – who we’ve dubbed author of “Zen and the
Art of Rock Climbing!” He brought a new and fresh perspective to climbing, from breathing techniques to adding blue painters tape to our toes to keep our focus on our feet. It worked! Our climbing felt more fluid and natural. It was a wonderful day for the entire family.
Ciao! I just want to thank you for great services. Also the guide Luca Bianco was excellent 10/10. I had
a great trek to peak of Gran Paradiso. Best regards, Johan Winther
Johan Winther  for Gran Paradiso 2 Day Guided Ascent
Claudio was a competent, friendly guide. I really enjoyed my time trekking/climbing with him. Thanks again for a great adventure!
Ciao, John

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