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Located in southern North America, Mexico is a large and diverse country, with many different landscapes, climates and cultures. While the majority of the mountaineering is done on the eastern end of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt, this is a world away from the tropical beaches of the coasts, arid deserts of the north and ancient pyramids in the southern jungles. Every region has something different to offer. Mexico City is a sprawling metropolis and melting pot for all of the Central American region. Different cuisine, art, music and architecture from all the regions of this diverse country converge here to create a truly unique and lively city. The Mesoamerican pyramids in the state of Pueblo are especially worth a visit, if you have the time.  




Good to Know


What’s the weather like?

During the winter, the best mountaineering season, the Volcanic Belt is dry and pretty temperate. However, temperatures have been can get quite cold and it is always below freezing at the top of the volcanos. The summer and autumn are generally quite hot and wet in this region.

How long should I stay?

This depends on what you want to do. Many of the best mountaineering spots are all located near Mexico City and each one takes about two days to climb. Some guides offer combined trips that allow you to spend two weeks climbing three or more of the best spots as well as exploring the capital city.



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Mexican Peso, although US dollars are widely accepted in touristy spots

Best time to visit:

Mexico’s Volcanic Belt is located in the subtropical climate zone of the Northern Hemisphere, so November and December are the best times to visit for mountaineering trips.






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