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There are many reasons for choosing Norway:

The mountains, the sea, the fjords and even the Northern Lights await in this incredible country full of unforgettable sights. Norway is hands-down one of the most beautiful places on Earth.



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Norwegian krone

How to get there?

Oslo’s Gardermoen airport is the main international point of entry to the country. However, several low cost airlines offer alternatives from the main European cities to secondary airports in Oslo

Best time to visit:

If you want to see the Northern Lights, visit from November to February. For ski touring, the season is from February to April. Choose the summer months (June to August) if you want to go hiking or rock climbing

What’s the weather like?

Thanks to a warming northern current, Norway is not as cold as Siberia or Alaska, even though they lie at the same latitude. During the summer, temperatures can reach 25℃, even in the north. If you are visiting in winter, brace for the cold!

More info about Norway:

Norway is the northernmost of the three Scandinavian countries. Its mountain peaks, glaciers and deep fjords, as well as its midnight sun and Northern Lights, have made it a dream destination for outdoor lovers around the world. Oslo, its capital, has a lively cultural scene and lots of green spaces to enjoy, if you visit during the summer months



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