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Russia (officially called Russian Federation) is the largest country in the world, stretching over Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. St Petersburg and Moscow are the most visited cities of a country famous for so many things, from Orthodox churches to literature, vodka and ballet. Once the epicenter of the Russian Revolution and part of the Soviet Union, Russia has a strong revolutionary history, which can be traced on the country’s imposing modernist buildings, historical museums and iconic landmarks like the Moscow Red Square. The extensive Russian territory ranges from the mountainous and culturally-rich Caucasus region, to the remote and extremely cold Siberia. Looking for off-the-beaten-track adventures? Russia is the place to visit!




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What’s the weather like?

Most of the country has long and harsh winters, with very low temperatures. Siberia has registered the coldest temperatures in the world. Summers are short, as well as spring and fall. From May to July, St Petersburg experiences a unique phenomenon known as ‘white nights’: daylight extends for almost 24hs.

Getting there

Most international airlines fly to Moscow and St. Petersburg. By train, you can reach Russia from many European cities like Berlin, Paris, Helsinki, Prague, Budapest and Warsaw, among others. Bus is a cheaper option, but it takes longer than the train. Keep in mind that (except for some countries) you may need to apply to a Russian Visa before your trip.



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Russian ruble (RUB)

Best time to visit:

Summer (from June to August) is the best time to travel, since days are longer and temperatures pleasant. May and September are also good times for sightseeing or hiking in Russia. The ski season runs from November to March.






What People are Saying

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It was great to be with Ivan. Above all, I came through him in an area that I otherwise would not have been able to travel. He really took good care of everything and I learned a lot. DychTau is a mountain that demands a lot from the beginning to the end!
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Andre Frick
The guide was actually not Ivan Mishnikov but Denis who was a Junior guide with CetNeva. Overall the guide company is really good. Cook and the barrels where I stayed were excellent. Lisa, manager of CetNeva, were attentive and always present to help out. Guide was excellent in skills, just a little shy. Would recommend 100%. Thanks!
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Zenab Mansoor
Ivan is a master of his craft. His knowledge, instincts and skills are of the highest quality. He is the best guide I\'ve ever climbed with and when I return to Russia, I\'ll be climbing with him again. Also, his character is also of the highest quality, he is responsible, smart, and incredibly professional in every aspect. When you\'re doing something risky (like climbing a mountain), he\'s the exact person you need with you. I\'d climb with him anywhere, any weather any time of year.
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We went to Mt Elbrus ski touring in May and did not summit due to bad weather. If you want to be sure to summit I would suggest you book about 8 days as it takes at least 4 days to get altitude acclimatised to the point you can make an attempt ) and it seems the bad weather systems last about 3 days.... groups submitted the two days prior to us but no one summited for the next three due to 80 kmh winds. In regard to CetNeva, I had some trouble with communications and replies (partly caused at my end) but once that was sorted things went well. Lisa runs the admin side and is good. We did not have Ivan as a guide we had Roman - but Roman was over qualified for us but patient and pleasant despite our lack of skills and never being ready on time.
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James Neill



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