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Located to the northwest of Continental Europe, Scotland comprises the northern section of the island of Britain. It shares a land border with England to the south, and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, Irish Sea and North Channel in all other directions. Besides the mainland, Scotland consists of more than 790 islands, the majority of which are uninhabited. Approximately 100,000 people are scattered across 89 of its islands.




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What’s the weather like?

It Scotland is characterised by a temperate and oceanic climate with strong tendencies of changeable weather. Temperatures are generally lower than in other areas of the UK, with the Highlands seeing winter lows of 0°C and summer highs of 18°C.


English, with Scottish Gaelic spoken by few communities.


British pound sterling.

How to get there?

Edinburgh Airport is the busiest in Scotland, handling around 12 million passengers per year. This is likely to be your first port of call for reaching the Highlands. The most direct flight to the rugged mountainside is Inverness Airport, although it currently offers only limited international flights.

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Best time to visit

The spring months from March to May and autumn months of September to November are ideal months to visit Scotland. However, if you’re climbing the mountains of the Highland then you can visit all year round providing that the weather is dry.






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Scott is friendly and very knowledgeable, if you’re looking to get into the mountains Scott’s the man, he’ll keep you safe while making you smile. First Class.
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Dominic Mcginley
I\'ve done the Tower Ridge with Scott and he has been excellent from the start, prompt and professional to deal with to get it all organised, and a superb guide. Highly experienced and skilled, I did not have a slight slip in confidence along the way, despite weather conditions being far from ideal with rain and fairly high winds - I should mention that I really appreciated he was keen to take me up there in this weather (of course maintaining the flexibility to turn around at any point if the route could potentially become unsafe, but his judgement was just spot on). He also explains everything along the way, gives tips and is fun to be around. 5 stars, I wouldn\'t hestitate to book him again.
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Beata H
Ken immediately made us feel welcomed and we had a good chat on the walk in before gearing up for the ridge ascent. Both my son and I had a fantastic experience thanks to Ken\'s calm, expertise in leading us over Tower Ridge and then descending via Ledge Ridge to round off a great day. Highly recommended!
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Andy Paterson
Our mission was to hike up Ben Nevis but not along the main footpath. We hoped for something a bit more challenging. ..and we got it. Uncertain of what we’d be facing, Scott expertly assessed our ability during the first part of the hike and enthusiastically confirmed that we could handle the trip up the back. Knowledgeable about about the area, geology and flora, Scott was an excellent guide and fun to spend the day with. He offered us tips for managing the terrain and kept the pace that would give us the adventure we were looking for. We came away feeling that the investment in a guide was well worth it. We would not have tackled that route without his guidance. Recommended without reservation! Thanks Scott
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