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Via Ferrata in Belgium

Visit the premiere destination for northern European via ferrata!

Whether you find yourself in Landelies, Namur, or Freyr, there is a via ferrata route just waiting to be climbed! This sport is one of the best ways to discover Belgium and its stunning natural features while also exploring the vast cultural significance of one of Europe’s most intriguing nations.

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There are many reasons for choosing Via Ferrata in Belgium

Belgium is loaded with impeccable climbing routes - clean, tough rock that has been developed over 500 million years. Along with limestone that has become a trademark material for climbing and via ferrata, the country boasts course, metamorphic routes and sedimentary outcroppings for diverse experiences on different material. All with one thing in common, of course - great rock!


Good to know:

Country Code



Euro (EUR)


French; Dutch; German

Best Time to Visit

The summer months provide the best conditions for via ferrata. Depending on the weather, you could feasibly manage a trip in spring and autumn. May through October is the best time for a Belgian via ferrata tour!

How to Get There

Brussels is the main point of entry for Belgium. Flying into its international airport will get you close to the via ferrata routes best known in the country. Namur and Landelies are both within an hour or so of Brussels, so a quick bus, train, or drive can get you to the rock in no time

What is the Weather Like

Belgium has a maritime climate that is stable and temperate. Cool summers define the country, making via ferrata ideal during these months. Winter is fairly moderate, balanced by the North Atlantic and North Sea. Further south, where climbing and via ferrata are popular, the maritime influence is mild

More info about Via Ferrata in Belgium:

Belgium is a country in northern Europe, bordering France to the west and south, Luxembourg and Germany to the south-southeast, and the Netherlands to the north. The shore of the North Sea lies just beyond Bruges to the northwest. While it may not have the international appeal of the Alps, Belgium has an array of outcropping, slabs, and rock walls that have turned it into a country known for remarkable rock climbing and via ferrata. This activity uses protected climbing routes to assist climbers and give them access to more challenging geographic and geologic areas. It can combine climbing with vertical sections, zip lines, suspended bridges, abseiling, and more. Generally lasting no more than a day, most via ferrata routes can be completed within a few hours.  Most routes are found in Wallonia, including Landelies, Freyr, Pont-a-Lesse, and Grands Malades


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