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Slovakia is famous for its deep green forests, beautiful mountains and rocky wilderness pierced by cascades and streams. Via Ferrata in Slovakia is a great way to go deep into the nature of this country's rich wilderness.



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The best time to visit for via ferrata adventures is during the warmer months that range from late May to late October

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You can get to Slovakia by plane to Bratislava, Kosice and Poprad. Otherwise, you can travel from other European countries by train or bus


Slovakia's climate is characterized for having warm, dry summers and cold winters. In the mountains you can expect heavy snowfalls during the winter months between October and April

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With the Carpathian Mountains to its north, and the Tatras and Ore mountains at its center, Slovakia has a unique geography that makes it well worth exploring. It has nine national parks, each with its stunning geology and wilderness that includes caves galore, ravines and gorges, waterfalls and a full range of stunning greens. Furthermore, it has over 100 castles and castle ruins scattered throughout its breathtaking landscapes. The combination of deep greens, ravines, waterfalls and castle ruins make this a fairytale setting for any adventure. Additionally, one of the great things about Slovakia is that it has great via ferrata options which allow for climbing in some of its remote natural spots while staying safe. Try via ferrata in Slovakia and discover the magic of this beautiful country in Eastern Europe



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