Water Sports in Trinidad and Tobago

Splash around in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean on an unforgettable water sports adventure in Trinidad and Tobago.

Whether you wish to go snorkeling, diving or windsurfing in the beautiful seas of Trinidad and Tobago, or kayaking in a lake or swamp full of vibrant wildlife, you will find that water sports options abound in the “Land of the Hummingbird”. Find a certified guide on Explore-Share.com and let them take you on an unforgettable water sports adventure in Trinidad and Tobago!

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There are many reasons for choosing Water Sports in Trinidad and Tobago

The Caribbean is a water sports mecca, and not only due to its crystalline seas but also due to its year-round hot till you drop tropical climate that makes taking a dip a must.


Good to know:

Country Code





Trinidad and Tobago dollar

Best time to visit

January to May, when there is less rain


The climate in Trinidad and Tobago is hot and tropical year-round with temperatures that range around 31 °C(88 °F)

How to get there

Piarco International Airport (27 km/17 miles from the capital, Port of Spain) is located in Trinidad and ANR Robinson International Airport (10 km/7 miles from the capital, Scarborough) is located in Tobago

More info about Water Sports in Trinidad and Tobago:

Trinidad and Tobago is an island country in the Caribbean, famous for its stunning beaches, mountains and amazing wildlife. Dubbed “Land of the Hummingbird”, it is home to over 400 bird species. It is also home to porcupines, anteaters, and monkeys on land, and over 1000 marine species. Snorkeling on Maracas Bay in Trinidad is popular, although the remote beaches of Tobago or some of the smaller islands that are off the shores of the main islands are best for underwater adventures.  For kayaking, you can enjoy the seashore, but also, lakes and swamps such as the stunning Caroni swamp, surrounded by mangroves and chirping birds. There are also plenty of waterfalls for canyoning, including the famous Avocat, Paria, Argyle and Turure falls, among others. Ready to jump in? Then let one of the certified guides on Explore-Share.com take you on an unforgettable water sports trip in Trinidad and Tobago!

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