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Top Water Sports trips in Croatia:




There are many reasons for choosing Water Sports in Croatia:

Croatia is home to amazing water sports, as well as incredible natural landscapes. Whether you want to test the waters on a canyoning adventure for beginners, or are someone with bucket loads of experience riding the choppy waves, and want to join an extreme canyoning trip on the Cetina river, the rivers of Croatia hold your next adventure.



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Best time to visit

Visit during the warmer months between April and October for ideal water sports conditions

What's the weather like?

Croatia receives a Mediterranean climate, with hot and sunny summers and cool and rainy winters. Spring and autumn are usually pleasant and comfortable. In the Adriatic coast where you would find Paklenica, the climate is warmer than in other destinations in the country

More info about Water Sports in Croatia:

Located in Central Europe, Croatia has a long coastline stretching along the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Its great location, ancient walled towns, stunning beaches with clear waters, rich culture and great food have made Croatia a top tourist destination. Croatia shares a border with Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. Come discover one of Mediterrenanean Europe’s most unspoiled and beautiful destinations



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