Water Sports in Dominica

Dominica is a nature haven, and with its stunning lakes, hot springs, waterfalls, and Caribbean shoreline, it is a privileged location for water sports adventures.

Home to the Boiling Lake, the world’s second-largest hot spring, and also to an amazing shoreline, rivers, and waterfalls, Dominica is an ideal spot for water sports adventures. Enjoy kayaking, canyoning, scuba diving and more in this pristine Caribbean island famous for its vibrant wilderness where you will catch sight of whales, dolphins, turtles and colorful fish. Book a certified mountain guide at Explore-Share.com and discover Dominica’s bodies of water on an unforgettable water sports trip.

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There are many reasons for choosing Water Sports in Dominica

Dominica has an amazing shoreline, glittering, crystalline lakes, hot springs, rushing rivers, and waterfalls. Therefore, it is an ideal location to practice sports that range from scuba diving to kayaking to canyoning to whale watching and more.


Good to know:

Country code





Eastern Caribbean dollar

Best time to visit

Year-round, although between December and March there is less rain


Dominica is hot and humid year-round, with a rainy summer season between June and September

How to get there

Fly to Melville Hall Airport or to Canefield airport from Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe, or Martinique. Another option is to get to the island by ferry

More info about Water Sports in Dominica:

Dominica is a top wilderness destination and a unique place to practice outdoor adventures. Water sports are a big part of the Dominica charm, and the island boasts not only amazing reefs and beeches but also 365 rivers, and Boiling Lake, the world’s second-largest hot spring in the world! Water surrounds Dominica, and also rushes down its mountains and through its rainforests. Additionally, it is a top spot for those who wish to catch sight of dolphins, whales, turtles, and other colorful species. Don’t miss the chance to go snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, tubing, canyoning and more in Dominica. Find a certified guide on Explore-Share.com and discover the amazing aquatic options that this vibrant island has to offer

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