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Water Sports in the Jura Mountains: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You

FAQs: Water Sports in Jura Mountains

What should I know about Water Sports Jura Mountains?

Located just north of the Western Alps, the sub-alpine Jura Mountains are a range that mostly parallels the border between France and Switzerland. Separating the great rivers of the Rhine and Rhone, the name Jura means forest, as the rolling mountains are carpeted in thick lush forest. The range reaches its highest peak at Le Cret de la Neige, which is settled in the French department of Ain. The area is also protected within the Jura Mountains Regional Natural Park.

Why should I choose Jura Mountains for my Water Sports adventure?

Ultimate nature exploration

The Alps are home to some of the most spectacular canyoning spots in France. The best regions range from extreme and hardcore adventures to smooth and enjoyable for the whole family. Jump into fresh-water pools, abseil through beautiful waterfalls, slide on smooth rock.

Gorgeous Jura scenery

The Jura Mountains offer the ideal background of stunning scenery while you explore the area via canyoning. The mountain range that surrounds the gorgeous canyons are decorated with high plateau pastures, lovely tranquil valleys, and rugged mountain tops.

Open for everyone

A wild adventure in the alpine canyons can be experienced by everyone, whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced explorer. There is enough variety and difficulty to keep everyone’s adrenaline levels up while in the Jura Mountains.

What can I expect from the weather during my Water Sports trip in Jura Mountains?

The mountain region is characterised by a maritime and continental feel, with cool temperatures high up in the mountains and milder weather lower down in the valleys.

Which language is predominantly spoken in the Jura Mountains region?


What currency is accepted around Jura Mountains?


What's the country code for the Jura Mountains region?


When is the best time to travel to Jura Mountains for Water Sports?

Visit in the summer months for ideal canyoning conditions.

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