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Water Sports in Italy: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Discover the beauty of Italy’s landscape on an epic canyoning adventure.

There’s no better, or more thrilling way to cool off on a hot Italian summers day than a canyoning experience. Across Italy, you’ll find a wide range of canyoning options. Whether you’re completely new to the activity or are a total pro, you’ll find the adventure that’s right for you.

Water Sports in Italy

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FAQs: Water Sports in Italy

What should I know about Water Sports Italy?

Located just an hour’s drive from Lake Como you’ll find a canyoning spot in Val Bodengo with emerald green pools, many jumps and a 20-25 meter shuttle slide. This location is even suitable for children. Arco, in the Dolomites, is home to another great family friendly canyoning spot. For a slightly more challenging canyoning experience, be sure to head to the Apuan Alps National Park.

Why should I choose Italy for my Water Sports adventure?

** Adrenaline Rush**

Rushing through gorges, sliding down waterfalls and jumping off cliffs into pools of water is sure to get your heart racing. Some of the jumps can get pretty high! Even on the canyon’s suitable for children, you’ll still get a thrill.
Beautiful Scenery

From Lake Como to the mighty Dolomites and the Italian Alps, the sites that are home to some of Italy’s best canyoning spots are remarkable. Enjoy the picturesque countryside as you drive to your canyoning spot. Then immerse yourself in the scenery as you shoot through the gorges.

Variety of Levels

The good thing about canyoning in Italy is that you can pick what suits you. You may not be quite ready to rappel down a 60-meter waterfall, and that’s fine because you’ll be able to find something that is more at your pace. Then next time you'll be ready to crank it up a gear!

What can I expect from the weather in Italy?

The summer months tend to be hot across Italy. The winter months can be cold, grey and rainy in the north but tend to be more temperate south of Rome. Spring and fall are temperate and warm across the country.

Which language is predominantly spoken in Italy?


What currency is accepted in Italy?


How can I get to Italy?

Fly to either Rome, Milan, or Venice and then connect onwards by bus, train or car.

What’s the country code of Italy?


What’s the high season for Water Sports in Italy?

The best time to visit Italy for canyoning is the summer months. Although, September and October are suitable too.

What people are saying about Water Sports | Italy



We had a fantastic Bodenga 2 tour. It was so much fun that we right away wanted to do it again, although, as outstanding tours usually are, it was a little exhausting - but in a good way! I have to restrain myself with praise for Ivan and Philippe; they are a truly professional, very very experienced and great fun team to be around. At no point, any of us felt unsafe, even we couldn’t always imagine what was coming next. We will definitely look into Ivan’s other tours and hope to book again soon !



An absolutely amazing time spent with Ivan and Filipo! Super experts, really fun to be with, and good guys all around. The trip was 100% memorable, well organised, safe, but challenged my kids, while building their confidence in a breathtaking setting. A HUUUGE thanks!



I tried to contact Explore-Sharing several times but either I wouldn't get an answer or they weren't very helpful. I am still supposed to get money back (they charged me too much and we ended up being two less people doing the canyoning) but even though I wrote several emails and they said they were going to come back to me, they still haven't. Can you pls look into this and reimburse me?



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Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you at any moment throughout your adventure.

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