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Top Water Sports trips in Norway:




There are many reasons for choosing Water Sports in Norway:

The incredible landscapes of Norway can be appreciated within its clear blue waters. Kayaking in Jotunheimen or the famed fjords of the country. And spend between half a day and 8 days.



Good to know:

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Norwegian krone

Best time to visit

Visit in the warmer months between April and September for ideal water sports conditions

What’s the weather like?

Thanks to a warming northern current, Norway is not as cold as Siberia or Alaska, even though they lie at the same latitude. During the summer, temperatures can reach 25℃, even in the north

More info about Water Sports in Norway:

Norway is the northernmost of the three Scandinavian countries. Its mountain peaks, glaciers and deep fjords, as well as its midnight sun and Northern Lights, have made it a dream destination for outdoor lovers around the world. Oslo, its capital, has a lively cultural scene and lots of green spaces to enjoy



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