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The scenery in Portugal is wildly diverse and just as beautiful, with rolling green mountains and hills a common feature from the Spanish border over to the Atlantic Coast. There are a large number of lakes, lagoons, rivers, streams and waterfalls among the landscape and terrain, and these provide ample opportunity to indulge in canyoning.



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Flights to Lisbon and Porto from all major international hubs

Best time to visit

March to May or September to October, as the weather is not too hot and crowds are fewer


Summers tend to be very hot, with temperatures consistently in the 30's degree celsius, Winters quite mild although in the North of the country it can be quite cool

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Portugal is a wonderful country that provides something for people from all walks of life, from the alluring and lovely beaches all along the coast, to the mountains and green hillsides of the middle, to the big cities of Lisbon and Porto. The weather is superb for most of the year, meaning canyoning can be done for a large part of this. Temperatures can get quite hot in Summer, and in the Northern part of the country Winters can get quite cool. The villages, towns and cities are full of intriguing histories and culture which they are very proud of, providing endless hours of exploration and discovery, thus ensuring there is always something to see and do. Some of the canyoning can be quite challenging, so being fit and in decent shape before arriving will maximise enjoyment of the activity



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