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Backcountry Skiing in Greece

Get out into the backcountry and discover the legendary mountains and the so-called ‘Spine of Greece’!

From the iconic mountains outside of Athens to the remote and snowy Pindus Range in the country’s northwest, Greece is full of excellent backcountry skiing opportunities. Whether it’s for a day or a week, there are plenty of excellent backcountry spots best explored on skies.   “Compare and book a certified guide for your Backcountry Skiing trip with Explore-Share.com: 1500+ guides, 70+ countries and more than 8000 different programs to choose from. Take a pick from our Backcountry Skiing selection. The mountains are calling!

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There are many reasons for choosing Backcountry Skiing in Greece

From the turquoise blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea to the snow-capped mountains of the Pinus Range, Greece’s gorgeous scenery is sure to impress at every turn. Spend a week exploring the mountains before heading to an island to unwind afterwards.


Good to know:

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Best time to visit:

January to March

How long should I stay?

This depends on how much time you have and what you would like to do. Guides offer many option, from single day excursions to week-long trips

What’s the weather like?

During the winter, the average temperatures are quite cold in the mountainous north and the region receives abundant snowfall. However, just outside of the mountains, temperatures are more mild and these areas receive less snowfall

More info about Backcountry Skiing in Greece:

While Mount Parnassus is easily accessed from Athens and its airport (ATH), the Pindus Mountains require a domestic transfer to a city in the north, such as Ioannina (IOA). From Ioannina, there are plenty of backcountry options waiting to be explored in the country’s mountainous northwest. Gamila summit (2,497 m), Goura (2.467 m), Mount Smolikas (2.637 m) and Mount Vasilitsa (2.249 m) are all within distance after a transfer from the airport to the nearby town of Mikro Papigko. Dragon Lake and Avalon Pass are also popular backcountry destination in the range. On the southern edge of the range, Mount Parnassos is a popular single-day backcountry destination close to the capital. If offers excellent views of the surrounding scenery with the rare opportunity to ski at the top of the mountain and swim at the bottom

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