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Ride out of the Gobi and into the mountains of Mongolia for a perfect wilderness backcountry skiing adventure!

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Mongolia is a country in East Asia that shares a southern and eastern border with China and a northern border with Russia. Considered one of the birthplaces of skiing, the Altai Mountains along the western border are a destination that ski fanatics enjoy visiting at least once in their lifetime. The terrain here requires a high skiing proficiency and quality backcountry experience. Southern Mongolia includes the Gobi Desert, one of the iconic geographical features of the country. The capital is located slightly northeast of central Mongolia, so getting to the mountains will require air, train, or bus travel. Check visa requirements for entry from your country of origin.




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Mongolia is notoriously sunny with extreme weather depending on the season and location. Summers are hot and winters are cold, which can also be affected by the Gobi Desert in the south and the Altai to the west. The harsh climactic conditions are known as "zud."




Mongolian togrog (MNT)

How to Get There

Flights into the capital, Ulaanbaatar, are available from Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Moscow, Singapore, Frankfurt, and, in summer, Berlin. Though possibly difficult to find, there are domestic flights to almost all of the country's provinces. The Trans-Siberian Railway passes through Ulaanbaatar, so you can also make your way to Moscow, Vladivostok, or Beijing via the train. Developed roads are still being made throughout the country, but cars and buses can also be used to travel within Mongolia. To get to the Altai, you will need to head west. Confirming travel reservations can be difficult if not planned ahead.

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Best Time to Visit

Winter is the best time to visit Mongolia for backcountry skiing, with January and February offering the best ski touring conditions.






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