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There are many reasons for choosing Backcountry Skiing in St. Moritz:

Situated between imposing snow-capped peaks in the wide and flat glaciated valley of the Upper Engadine, is a stunningly scenic place to visit, especially in the winter. Strapping on a pair of skis and heading out into the backcountry is a great way to experience the empty and pristine mountain slopes of southwestern Switzerland.



Good to know:

Country Code:


Best time to visit:

January to April


Swiss franc (CHF)


French, English, Italian, German

How to get there:

The best way to get to St Moritz is to fly into Zurich Airport (ZRH). From here, the resort town is easily accessed by hiring a car and making the 3 hour drive. Buses and trains are also available to get you to the city, but take a bit longer

What’s the weather like?

During the winter, St Mortiz is quite humid with average daily temperatures hovering around freezing. Temperatures decrease significantly as you gain altitude. The humid conditions mean there is always plenty of snow in the region as well during the winter

More info about Backcountry Skiing in St. Moritz:

Away from Piz Bernina, St Mortiz boasts plenty of other incredible backcountry skiing spots. Piz Nair, Piz Bever, Piz Julier and Piz Albana, among many others, make for excellent single-day backcountry skiing adventures and allow skiers to wind through the slopes and valleys above St Mortiz before returning to the idyllic village in the evening. For those looking for a slightly more adventurous option, Davos, Klosters and Pontresina are all nearby and offer incredible access to even more intense backcountry skiing opportunities. Many who can opt to spend a week visiting an array of different runs around each of the ski villages



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