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Cross-country skiing in Iceland: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You

Whether you prefer the midnight sun or the northern lights, you will find the perfect cross country ski setting for you in Iceland with one of the certified guides at Explore-Share.com!

Though not very mountainous, Iceland is nonetheless a top spot for winter adventures. Cross country skiing will allow you to discover its fjords and volcanos in a unique way. Find a certified guide at Explore-Share.com to take you on an unforgettable adventure in the Icelandic wilderness!

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FAQs: Cross-country skiing in Iceland

What should I know about Cross-country skiing Iceland?

With its glaciers, fjords, volcanos, and sparsely populated landscapes, Iceland is a dream for outdoor adventurers. Cross country skiing is a great way to explore its wilderness, and after, you can recover at some of its natural springs before enjoying some great Icelandic cuisine and good cheer.

Why should I choose Iceland for my Cross-country skiing adventure?

Midnight sun and northern lights

If you travel to Iceland in the summer, you will have the chance to ski under the midnight sun. In winter, you get the chance to catch sight of the northern lights!
**Volcanoes and glaciers **
Iceland is famous for its amazing landscapes where fire and ice come together. Explore its volcanos and glaciers, as well as the shores of its fjords on an unforgettable cross-country ski trip.
Rich culture
When off your skis, you will enjoy the amazing Icelandic culture, which is famous for its music, history, art, and literature, as well as for its good cheer!

What can I expect from the weather in Iceland?

During the early spring, average daily temperatures hover between 0ºC to -10ºC, depending on where you are. As spring becomes summer, average temperatures rise to about 10ºC to 15ºC. Average winter temperatures are −10 °C (14 °F). Also, the winter is characterized by long dark days, and the summer by long light ones.

Which language is predominantly spoken in Iceland?

Icelandic, English

What currency is accepted in Iceland?

Icelandic krona

How can I get to Iceland?

Keflavik International Airport (KEF) is the country’s main international airport. There are direct flights from North America and Europe. The rest country is fairly well connected by roads, ferries, and domestic airports.

What’s the country code of Iceland?


What’s the high season for Cross-country skiing in Iceland?

You have options year-round. In the summer, you will have to go further north and you can enjoy your ski adventure under the midnight sun. In the winter, you can catch sight of the northern lights.

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