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Land of Vikings and mermaids, Denmark, which is located in northern Europe and is made up of three islands, is a top spot for explorers and adventurers. Long hikes, water sports programs, cycling trips, and rock climb are all great ways to discover the stunning Danish landscapes. Find a certified guide on and enjoy an unforgettable outdoor adventure in Denmark!

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There are many reasons for choosing Denmark

Denmark is lined by stunning coastlines that make great hiking routes as well as being optimal for water sports, including winter bathing (which involves chilly dipping in the sea), which is popular among the more adventurous locals.


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Cold snowy winters and long mild summer days characterize the Danish weather

Best time to visit

For outdoor adventure sports, the best time to visit Denmark is during the summer

How to get there

You can fly to Denmark, take an international train, take a ferry from some locations or drive

More info about Denmark:

Denmark is made up of three main islands, Jylland, Sealand, and Funen. Additionally, slightly farther away, in the Baltic Sea, is the small Danish island of Bornholm. Greenland and the Faroe Islands are also part of the country but are self-governing overseas territories. Although Denmark is not famous for its elevation, it does feature amazing coastlines and plains which are great for outdoor adventures. Come rain or come shine, the Danish outdoor scene is alive and kicking and will welcome you on an unforgettable exploration of a magical land. Find a certified guide for your outdoor excursion in Denmark on and start planning your trip!

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