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Martin Elorza Alday




Guide de montagne- Saint-Sébastien-Donostia




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Martin Elorza Alday (Donostia, Pays basque, 1967)
Bien que je sois né près de la mer, j'ai commencé très jeune à profiter de la montagne toute proche.
Ce hobby s'est peu à peu transformé en passion, ce qui m'a conduit à devenir Guide de Haute Montagne UIAGM.
Pour partager et trasnmitir tout ce que la montagne m'avait donné.
Pendant plusieurs années, j'ai pratiqué mes passions :
Les voyages à travers le monde, l'alpinisme, l'escalade et le ski.
. Actuellement je suis un guide de haute montagne professionnel UIAGM.
Depuis 2000, j'accompagne mes propres clients à travers le monde en tant que guide de haute montagne indépendant.
. J'ai participé à de nombreuses expéditions dans les Alpes, l'Atlas (Maroc), les Andes (Amérique du Sud) et l'Himalaya,
J'aime faire découvrir les Pyrénées à tous ceux qui aiment la montagne : toute l'année.
En hiver, le programme de ski de randonnée est ma spécialité, mais en été, l'escalade dans les Pyrénées est extraordinaire !
J'aimerais vous guider jusqu'au sommet du Mont Blanc, Matterhorn (Alpes), Monte Perdido et Aneto (Pyrénées), Naranjo de Bulnes (Picos de Europa) et d'autres montagnes.

Vous pouvez me contacter et savoir quelles autres activités nous pouvons faire ensemble.

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Frederik Skov Madsen


août, 2023

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Martin for his exceptional planning and guidance throughout our first trip to the Alps. Not only is he an incredibly friendly and easygoing individual to be around, but he also possesses remarkable climbing skills and serves as an outstanding guide who readily imparts his mountain knowledge and passion. Martin displayed an impressive level of flexibility when it came to our itinerary. He seamlessly adjusted the route for our initial climb to align with our learning aspirations, all the while prioritizing our safety. Even when an adverse weather forecast emerged for the final two days of our journey, Martin quickly managed the situation and found alternative, equally captivating solutions that allowed us to continue our climbing pursuits, all while making consulting with us. I wholeheartedly recommend Martin to anyone looking to explore mountaineering, whether they are novices or seasoned climbers in need of a guide. Overall, our trip could not have been more rewarding, and we are undoubtedly inclined to select Martin as our guide for our future escapades!

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Joris Thybaut


juillet, 2023

My son and I had a great trip to the top of the Gran Paradiso under the guidance of Martin Elorza. It was the first time to make use of explore-share and, like any system, you need to get used to it but it all goes quite intuitively. Moreover, there are system moderators in between the clients and the guides to ensure that everything goes smooth. If something in the system would not go as planned, they typically intervene quickly, such that one can be reassured. The trip itself was well planned and professionally guided. Martin gave a clear overview upfront and we communicated efficiently prior to the trip. Apart from being a very professional and experienced guide, Martin also proved to be a great person, such that we only have positive memories about our trip. The recommendation to go for the Gran Paradiso ascent (rather than the Mont Blanc) was a very good advice, given our beginner's level. Not sure when yet, but we look forward to a next experience!

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Eric Gagnon


avril, 2023

Martin is a very good guide and choosed a fantastic itinerary considering the lack of snow.

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Rickard Colliander


août, 2022

Martin was really the perfect guide for my and my 17-year old son’s alpine adventure week! In the end we only climbed one out of the three peaks that we had planned to, but on the other hand we climbed three other great ones instead (something we decided together). I really appreciated his flexibility and also that it was easy to hang out with Martin. Best recommendations - wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to him again!

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