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The Chilkoot Trail will take you to some of the most stunning landscapes in the Coast Mountains including Finnegan’s point, Lake Lindeman, Lake Bennet, among others!



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Canadian Dollar


English, French, First Nations languages

Best time to visit

The hiking season is from late May to September, though May is known to pose higher avalanche risks than late summer months

How to get there

You can access the trail from Skagway, Fraser and Carcross which are all accessible by road from Whitehorse via the South Klondike Highway


The Trail Forest goest through a Coastal Rainforest, a high Alpine zone and a Boreal forest zone. Therefore, there is a wide variety of climatic conditions, which can reach very cold temperatures at high altitudes

More info about Hiking in Chilkoot Trail:

The stunning and remote Chilkoot Trail offers a unique hiking experience in the Coast Mountains. Spanning a total of 53 km, this amazing trail will take you through some of the most breathtaking wilderness areas in Yukon and British Columbia. Additionally, the trail was a key access point during the Klondike rush, which makes it a historically important landmark with many ghost towns and ruins. There are three main geographic zones that it goes through: the coastal rainforest zone, the high alpine zone, and the boreal forest zone. There are 9 designated campgrounds and limited access to the trail, so planning must be done carefully and in advance. Additionally, bears and occasionally avalanches are part of the Chilkoot Trail experience. Therefore, it is always best to go with a certified mountain guide that can point you in the right direction safely, while showing you the top spots along the way!



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