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Hiking in El Cocuy National Park: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Discover the stunning beauty and varied landscapes of the northeastern tip of the Andes Mountains!

From summiting Ritacuba Blanco, the third highest mountain in Colombia, to exploring the elevated Lagunillas Valley, there are plenty of incredible hiking opportunities awaiting in El Cocuy National Park. “Compare and book a certified guide for your El Cocuy National Park Hiking trip with Explore-Share.com: 1500+ guides, 70+ countries and more than 8000 different programs to choose from. Take a pick from our El Cocuy National Park Hiking selection. The mountains are calling!

Top hiking trips | El Cocuy National Park

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FAQs: Hiking in El Cocuy National Park

What should I know about Hiking El Cocuy National Park?

Boasting more than 50 kilometers of hiking trails to explore, El Cocuy National Park is one of the top hiking destinations available in Colombia. The Ritacuba trail, El Pulpito trail and Laduna de la Sierra trail are the three main routes through the park.

The Ritacuba route takes hikers to the very edge of the glacier on the imposing Ritacuba summit on a 14 kilometer loop. This is the most popular route, but also one of the toughest due to the large elevation gain.

El Pulpito Trail is a bit less than 16 kilometers and takes hikers to the Pulpito, a giant rock at the edge of the snowline on Pan de Azucar (5,150 meters).

The Laguna de La Sierra Trail is the longest of the three trails, at about 21 kilometers, and is a demanding trek that takes hikers to the turquoise-blue waters of the Laguna del la Sierra. Here, hikers get some of the best views of the park.

For those who have the time, combining all three into one epic adventure is a popular option. Expect to spend about a week taking on all three.

Why should I choose El Cocuy National Park for my Hiking adventure?

Stunning scenery

El Cocuy National Park boasts plenty of diverse and incredible scenery. The south of the park nears to border of the Amazon rainforest and provides plenty of opportunities to see verdant forests and foothills. Farther into the Andes, the scenery becomes more rugged and arid, providing spectacular views of alpine lakes and glaciated mountain peaks.

Head out hut-to-hut

In part, due to its remote location along with the fact that there is plenty to see here, El Cocuy National Park is the perfect place for a hut-to-hut adventure. While the trek around the whole park remains closed, there are three other great loops that get you out into the heart of the park to enjoy its natural splendor.

Ritacuba Blanco

Rising to 5,410 meters in elevation, Ritacuba Blanco is the highest peak in El Cocuy National Park and provides stunning panoramic views of the surroundings. In spite of its height, it can be hiked by fit participants (although due to its delicate ecosystem hiking on the glacier at its summit is forbidden) and makes for the perfect destination for adventurers headed this way on their next hiking holiday.

What can I expect from the weather during my Hiking trip in El Cocuy National Park?

Average daily temperatures in El Cocuy National Park are around 18 ºC throughout the year. These tend to decrease as you gain elevation. The rainy season is from April to June and October to November. However, the park receives quite a bit of rainfall throughout the year.

How can I get to El Cocuy National Park?

Any trip to El Cocuy National Park begins with a flight into El Dorado Luis Carlos Galan Sarmiento International Airport in Bogota (BOG). Moist guides will opt to meet you here and arrange for transport to the national park.

Which language is predominantly spoken in the El Cocuy National Park region?


What's the country code for the El Cocuy National Park region?


What currency is accepted around El Cocuy National Park?

Colombian peso (COP)

When is the best time to travel to El Cocuy National Park for Hiking?

November to March

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