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Hiking in Chirripo National Park

Explore the best of Costa Rica’s mountains and lush tropical landscape on your next hiking trip.

The Chirripó National Park is a nature lover’s haven and a great place to hike. Home to the highest peak in Costa Rica, Cerro Chirripó Grande, many hiking trails and a wide range of plant life and wildlife, it’s a tropical paradise that should not be missed. 

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Greg Korber


August, 2022

Ascent to “Cerro Uran” and “Cerro Chirripo”

The view was absolutely amazing. I recommend this route vs. just the climb to Chirripo, as the loop route give no overlap of trail plus it is about the same amount of time. I actually preferred the trail up to Urán as it was more scenic. The views from the top of the 2 peaks are worth the challange.

Charlotte Von Baumgarten


March, 2022

Cerro Uran Ascent in the Chirripó National Park

We had an excellent time with on our tour with Armin, who is a great professional with extensive mountain experience. Thanks a lot for the great time, we really enjoyed a lot!!!

Karolina Schlicht


January, 2022

Ascent to “Cerro Uran” and “Cerro Chirripo”

The Tour with Armin to the peaks of Uran and Chirripo was quite unique. A wonderful experience that I will never forget. The view from Uran and Chirripo was fantastic and made you forget all the efforts needed for the ascent. If you like the mountains and hiking, you will love it. Armin is a perfect tour guide. He has a lot of experience and many interesting stories. Armin was always there, when I needed help. The communication and organization was also really good. All in all, I can definitely recommend the tour with Armin.



December, 2021

Cerro Uran Ascent in the Chirripó National Park

Overall fantastic trip. We actually went up Cerro Uran because Cerro Chirripo was fully booked during the Dec / Jan season. I appreciated that Armin made this suggestion to switch, so we were able to get a similar experience despite booking late (2-3 weeks in advance). His pre-departure instructions were pretty clear and comprehensive, so we had appropriate cold weather clothing. We could have used a little more clarity on the accommodations. The link says only 1 stay at the base camp shelter, but it actually also included the night before in Herradura. So I didn’t need to book the hotel at Pelicano the night before (but Pelicano gave us a 50% refund). I also would have appreciated if he let us know he would not be our guide. I liked our guide Veronika, but was surprised by it when we arrived. So ask in advance, if you care who your specific guide is. Veronika was lovely, was flexible on pace (so we ascended to the summit the first day to see the sunset, while all her precious groups waited until the next day to see the sunrise). Only thing to note is that her English is not strong, so we didn’t have much conversation and it wasn’t clear what the morning plan was (we would have liked to ascend again in the morning for sunrise but we ended up going straight down). The hike itself was beautiful, great weather and surprisingly comfortable shelter (porcelain toilet, thin mattresses, slippers to walk around the shelter with, shower but no hot water so we did not partake).

Anita P


October, 2019

Hike to the top of Mount Chirripó in Costa Rica (Chirripó National Park), 3 days

The Hotel El Pelícano is undoubtedly an excellent option for those who want to connect with nature, relax and of course climb the majestic Cerro Chirripó!! On 7/3/19, my husband and I stayed at the hotel since we would climb the Chirripó on 3/8/19. They were very friendly, even on the 8th at 3:45 a.m. we were left at the entrance of the park. As we did not manage to have breakfast at the hotel, we were offered to change breakfast for a snack that was packed and we took the walk! The next day we went down, they brought us to the park entrance and took us back to the hotel!! Where we stay again! It was a spectacular experience and even more in this beautiful hotel where you feel a connection with nature, birdsong and tranquility! The food was very good and the prices very accessible. I would definitely return to this beautiful place! We appreciate the treatment we got!



February, 2016

Ascent to “Cerro Uran” and “Cerro Chirripo”

We spent three incredible days on the trail with Armin trekking to the summit of Cerro Chirrippo. His knowledge of the ecosystems we traversed provided our group great insight into the fauna, birds and animals of Costa Rica. Along the trail, conversation was easy given his many experiences throughout the world. The weather was perfect throughout the trip. The hut was more than adequate and the food was authentic Costa Rican. I would highly recommend any trip with Armin and we look forward to some type of adventure in the future.



June, 2015

Ascent to “Cerro Uran” and “Cerro Chirripo”

We made a self planned trip to Chile and Argentina to climb Volcan San Jose and Aconcagua. While we are fairly experienced climbers and mountaineers at lower elevations we had Armin as our guide for Aconcagua. He was our insurance for our lack of high altitude experience and organizer with the local support agency. It was a very nice experience. Armin for the most part let us run around on our own as we wanted and only reigned us in when he thought it appropriate. When he forced us to make a rest day in camp at about 5500m altitude to improve our acclimation we were not happy because we thought we were strong and wanted to continue. The photos of our faces in camp that rest day and the fact that I barely remember the day as I was falling asleep all the time tells me that he was very right and we needed rest. He did exactly what we wanted from him; protect us from our own enthusiasm and inexperience. Two days later we all reached the summit. It never felt like having a guide that was calling the shots but like traveling, trekking, and climbing with a very experienced friend. Thanks Armin, "pura vida"!



April, 2015

2-week hiking and multi-adventure trip in Costa Rica

We made 3 individually organised trips with Armin in Costa Rica and Panama. What we like is especially the combination of mountaineering, trekking and enjoying the nature. We know Armin as a responsible, flexibel and patient guide. He met our expectations, not only because of his professional manner, his knowledge of the country and the Spanish language. With his Austrian charme and his wide-ranging interest about the country with all its facets, we had a lot of amusing evenings and interesting discussions. We can recommend Armin for mountain tours as well as for observing the rarely seen green macaw in the rainforest :-).


There are many reasons for choosing Hiking in Chirripo National Park

This is the largest peak in Costa Rica and Central America. Enjoy a couple of days of hiking. Then, from the top, you can get views of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean sea plus views of the surrounding mountains.


Good to know:

Country code





Costa Rican colón


Temperatures tend to be cool and damp year round

How to get there

Fly to San Jose Airport then drive to the national park

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is the dry season which lasts from January to April

More info about Hiking in Chirripo National Park:

At 3,820 meters, hiking Cerro Chirripó Grande is a great challenge. The climb is normally done over two to three days, spending the nights in one of the mountain huts. You can also combine this hike with Cerro Uran, at 3,600 meters. Besides climbing the mountain you’ll find many hiking trails in the national park that allow you to explore the beautiful nature. There are also Natural Hot Springs within the park


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