Ascent to “Cerro Uran” and “Cerro Chirripo”

If you are planning going to Costa Rica, you cannot miss this high experience at 3800 meters, very close to the sky itself… Mount Uran and Mount Chirripo !

4 days
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This is probably the most beautiful mountain tour in the Talamanca mountain range which includes Cerro Uran (3600 m) and Cerro Chirripo (3820 m).

During this unique hike we will have the chance to go through Paso de los Indios, where the Bri Bri Indians coming from the Caribbean used to do trading.

We will stay one night in the very cosy Rodolfo’s mountain hut where we will cook our food on the wood burning furnace and enjoy some delicious tea on the terrace. At the Paso de los Indios we will camp and admire the amazing views on the Caribbean coast.

The ascent will start early in the morning, first with a climb to Cerro Uran and then to the highest point of Costa Rica, Cerro Chirripo.

The views from the summit are breathtaking…! From there, we can see:
– the mountains of Panama, looking south;
– the Pacific Ocean, looking west;
– the Caribbean coast, looking east;
– Cerro de la Muerte, Vulcan Turrialba, Vulcan Irazu, Vulcan Poas… looking north.

This trek is absolutely a must if you pass by Costa Rica. I will guide you there with much pleasure and let you discover all the secrets spots of this area.

This trek is technically not difficult. We will be supported by porters, which will allow us to have a light backpack during the hike. We will walk from 4 to 8 hours every day. You can find the details of the itinerary I usually propose below. I can adapt it based on your time here, your wishes, and your fitness level.

Please get in touch with me if you are interested in experiencing this fantastic hike on two of the most famous peaks of Costa Rica. We will discuss about your stay here and organise the hike which answers your expectations.


Day 1: Arrival

The Mountain Guide will meet you in San Gerardo de Rivas at the Hotel Albergue Pelicano approximately at
02:00 P.M. The Guide will give you a Briefing of the following days and after that, the porters will pick up the equipment in the hotel. Afterward, we will enjoy our diner together.

Day 2: Camp 1

We start this day very early. From the hotel, we drive out to Herradura, where we meet the local guide. Here we
start the hike to the Paso de los Indios. The tropical cloud forest is amazing here and we have a great chance to
see interesting wildlife. Birds are abundant: Resplendent Quetzals, Spotted Wood-Quails, Black Guans, Collared
Redstarts, Silver-throated Jays, among many others, and of course beautiful oak trees with bromeliads and
mosses growing all over them. Once we reach the mountain fila by crossing the timberline, we will be trekking
through the tropical paramo life zone which is Andean like vegetation. By walking on the continental divide, we
reach the Indian Pass Camp Area (3290 m) where we will spend the night. Picnic lunch during the hike, and
dinner at the Indian Pass. Weather permitting, it is possible to see San Isidro de El General from our camp, as
well as the Pacific Ocean. Here we will cook our Diner. Today’s trekking time: 9 hours approx. Distance 16

Day 3: Uran and Chirripó

After having breakfast early while it is still dark, we will continue our trek for 5 km
towards Mount Uran (3600 m), and later on, continue our trek for other 5 km to conquer the highest peak in the
country, Mount Chirripó (3820 m). Lunch is picnic style today. Once atop Chirripó, we sign the hikers´ book and
then descend to Crestones Base Lodge (3372 m) by going across the Rabbits´ Valley (6 km more). Dinner at
the lodge. Today’s trekking time: 9 hours approx. Distance 16 Kilometres.

Day 4: Return

We will prepare to hike down the mountains after breakfast; the time hiking down is usually shorter than
on the way up. You will see many beautiful things you didn’t see on the hike up to give your trip the final touch. Snack for the hike. Once we arrive at San Gerardo, we will
enjoy lunch and then travel back to San Jose o other Destinations.



1 night in the Rodolfo’s Hut,1 night in the tent, 1 night in the Refugio Base Crestones, 1 night in Albergue Pelicano.

More info

150 USD per person for the national park fee are non-refundable, Included accommodation: 1 night in the Rodolfo’s Hut,1 night in the tent, 1 night in the Refugio Base Crestones.

Meeting point

We will meet in San Gerado de Rivas at the Hotel Albergue Pelicano approximately at 5PM.


About the guide

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IFMGA / UIAGM Mountain guide
I was born in Admont, a small town in Styria in Austria, in the center of the Austrian mountains. After my school, I studied motor vehicle mechanic. Beside my hobbies (skiing, nordic ski, running and soccer) mountain climbing was a very important part of my free time activities.
There are experiences in our life we will never forget. When I was 10 years old, my dad took me one day to a local mountain tour. We were climbing over a local and very famous waterfall. I was so impressed about this experience that my interest for mountain climbing was awake forever. After that, I started to take climbing courses with various alpine associations.
Later, I used to climb repeatedly very famous mountains like the “Rosskupenkante”, the north wall of “Perternschartenkopf”, the north wall of “Dachl” and the north wall of “Rosskupen”. My first foreign experience was in Croatia in “Velebit” and in Italy, in the Dolomites, where I did several tours there. Now, since 22 years, I work as a professional mountain and ski guide all over the world.
I guided successfully more than 30 expeditions and more than 50 trekking tours. I give climbing and ice courses to students; children adventure weeks, firm events, canyoning and rafting tours, and much more. Here are some of the peaks I climbed these last years: Alpamayo, Toclaraju, Huascaran, Cotopaxi, Cimborazo, Iztaccihuatl, Pico de Orizaba, Aconcagua, Denali, Pic Lenin, Gasabrum II, etc.
My philosophy: Go outdoor and explore the beautiful magic of the nature, to experience and to enjoy unique moments! It can be in the Alps or on top of the highest mountains of the world or in the nature paradise of Costa Rica (where I live now for the last 13 years). Come with me and let’s carry out together a great adventure!

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