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The most perfect silence in the Scandinavian region

Hiking in Finland is one of the best ways to get to know a country covered by many forests and more than ten thousand lakes. It is a quite easy activity here, because most of the routes are well marked in the woods, around the lakes, and on the Baltic coast.

Finland has 40 national parks with countless hiking trails that take hikers through breathtaking landscapes. Come and feel a unique silence, only interrupted by the birds flying, and by your own steps while crossing a forest or walking near the coast.


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The Finnish national parks and their services, including lodging, are completely free and camping is included in your general right of access. With so many options to choose from, you can plan an itinerary that fits perfectly to your hiking adventure. Since the distances are not so long, you can start from Helsinki to finish in Lapland and see, hear and taste everything that this country has for you.



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The snow remains throughout the winter. The temperature is usually below 0ºC. During the day, temperatures can reach -10ºC in the south and -30ºC in the north. In summer, the average temperature is 20ºC in the south and 15ºC in the north.


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How to get there

Finland is perfectly connected to the rest of the world either by train, plane or boat. Helsinki has one of the most important airports in the country, the Helsinki Vantaa. This airport has excellent connections with the rest of Europe, and regular flights that will help you move around the Finnish geography.

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Best time to visit

The summer months in Finland are June, July and August. It is the ideal time for hiking.




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